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RAY BAUM's ACT / Remote E911 - BETA

  • 1.  RAY BAUM's ACT / Remote E911 - BETA

    Posted 01-05-2022 11:49
    Edited by Derrick Tanzini 01-06-2022 15:24

    Hi Genesys Community, 

    We're happy to announce our solution Ray Baum's Act is launching in beta! Remote agents now can update their E911 location directly in their profile settings. 

     What is RAY BAUM's Act? 

    RAY BAUM's Act requires that 'dispatchable location' is conveyed with 911 calls to dispatch centers, regardless of the technological platform used, including 911 calls from MLTS. The purpose of Ray Baum's Act is to ensure dispatchers know the accurate location of 911 callers.  

     What is the compliance date? 

    Compliance for Multiline Telephone Sytems (MLTS) on-premise, non-fixed devices and off-premise devices is January 6, 2022. 

    What features will be added? 

    Agents can update their personal E911 address if they are working remotely or at a different site. This can be done within their user profile and for privacy purposes will only be visible to the agent 

    Agents will also be able to view their current emergency location on their standard dial pad, ACD dial pad and mini-profile card. If the agent notices that the address is not updated, they can simply click an edit button and update their address. 

    Who is eligible? 

    This beta is open to all Orgs in USE1, USW2 or CAC1 using Genesys Cloud Voice for their telecom & E911 service. Org's using only a BYOC model should work with their carrier to ensure accurate E911 address information is in use.

    Are there other requirements? 

    Yes, for agents to use this feature each agent must be assigned their own individual phone number. Shared phone numbers and extensions are not currently supported. 

    Are configuration changes required? 

    No, additional configuration, changes to permission settings, etc. will not be required to participate.  Upon registration, your org will have the functionality turned on and the feature will appear in the UI. 

    How do I register? 

    If you wish to register your Org, please use the following registration form to be added.



    Derrick Tanzini
    Genesys - Employees