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  • 1.  Backing out a migration

    Posted 12-11-2023 15:12

    Hey, everyone!

    So, those of you who follow this community will know that I am involved in an upgrade / migration. You may also have gathered that the first attempt did not go well and we ended up reverting to the original servers.

    Now, we are going to try again tonight, however I have a (slight) issue. I really don't want to rebuild the server pair from scratch, but they have already received the migrated configuration.

    Do I need to go through and delete all the migrated objects prior to attempting the import again? (I need to re-export as passwords etc. may have changed in the week and a half since the last attempt.) Or will it simply refresh the system?

    If I do need to delete migrated objects, is there an easy way to select them all? (I am aware that some settings have "_migrated" tagged on the end, but that is by no means all objects!)

    If I don't delete the _migrated settings, will I end up with another "_migrated_migrated" set to sort out? (I really wish there was a switch that prevented it doing this. I don't need the existing settings preserved, since it's a new system and the old, running, system is what is needed!




    Paul Simpson

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