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  • 1.  Beta Requirements

    Posted 12-20-2023 13:41

    Hi all,

    My company started a Genesys Focus Group with our team to go over any betas we may be interested in. 

    Before we begin applying, one of our Leaders has a question. 

    If we are selected to join the Beta - is it the entire organization that will be testing it out? Or, can we limit it to a select group or users? A specific work team? A specific MU?

    Please let me know your thoughts on this. 

    Thank you! Have a Happy Holiday!


    Jacqueline Turner
    Workflow Coordinator
    NYCM Insurance

  • 2.  RE: Beta Requirements

    Posted 12-20-2023 14:24

    Hi Jacqueline, this really depends on what the feature is that you're beta testing.  Some are organisation wide, where as others may be specific to queues, roles, flows etc.  You'll need to look at each beta individually to see it's exposure within your own org.

    Vaun McCarthyVaun McCarthy

  • 3.  RE: Beta Requirements

    Posted 12-20-2023 16:18

    Thank you!

    Where would I find this information? Would it be in the Beta User Agreement?

    I don't see anything specific on the beta I have in mind. 

    Would this mean it's specifically for the entire organization?

    If your organization would like to be considered for participation in the Agent Assist Voice Summarization Beta, please complete this enrollment form. Upon submission, your Org will be added to the pool for consideration. There is no guarantee that a particular Org will be accepted into the Beta

    Microsoft Forms

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    Microsoft Forms
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    Jacqueline Turner
    Workflow Coordinator
    NYCM Insurance

  • 4.  RE: Beta Requirements

    Posted 12-20-2023 16:33

    Agent assist is mostly role driven so I imagine you'd just control which agents have the permission(s) that are being added for this feature.  In that way you can control which agents have agent assist so it's possible you'd able to control this the same way.  Need PM to confirm though.

    Vaun McCarthy

  • 5.  RE: Beta Requirements

    Posted 12-21-2023 08:48

    Vaun,   you are correct, agent assist can be assigned through permissions and queue membership so you are able to control who has access to it.

    I hope that helps.


    Mike Ray
    Product Manager - Agent Assist

  • 6.  RE: Beta Requirements

    Posted 12-21-2023 08:51

    Summary also has it's own permissions that can be used with agent assist.
    This article breaks out the role you should create to use the specific agent assist and summary functions.

    Steve Alix

  • 7.  RE: Beta Requirements

    Posted 12-21-2023 12:06


    While the statements others made are true, any Beta you sign up for is for your entire org that you register for.  Yes, some are very low risk, some only affect small areas, but each Beta is different depending on the feature / function.  All of them however get deployed to your edge webserver endpoints and all do introduce risk.  If a poorly designed feature causes excessive CPU load on the edge, then it can impact other primary functions of the ACD and cause outages.  I would say these are rare, but in my experience, we get them every few months.  So I would recommend to spend the $5-600 on a "dev" org that is 100% separated from your prod org.  Ask your sales rep.  I just signed up for one as we are tired of the issues.  What is also not mentioned is support.  When you have a beta in your org, support for new outages / issues becomes confusing / grey.  Like I said, some beta's can affect other non-beta features and getting support for those issues becomes more complicated and support is less able to handle them themselves.  So I caution you away from running beta's in your prod org.

    Ryan Cheesman
    Senior Manager, IT Integration Services
    Tandem Diabetes Care Inc. | positively different

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