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  • 1.  Block an outbound contact following an inbound call

    Posted 09-22-2023 06:28
    Edited by Ragheb Gmira 09-22-2023 06:31


    I have a use case but I don't know if it's feasible or not and maybe someone else has encountered this case.
    On our Genesys Cloud instance, we have outbound and Inbound call campaigns. Each campaign has its own script.

    What I'd like to do is, when I receive an inbound call, check whether the caller's number exists on an outbound campaign to display this information and to block it and prevent it from being called back. 
    This is to avoid calling customers back for an outbound sales approach when they've just called us on the inbound.

    Thanks for your help


    Ragheb Gmira
    Almavia CX SAS

  • 2.  RE: Block an outbound contact following an inbound call

    Posted 09-24-2023 01:05

    Biggest problem is searching for the number in the contact list.  What I have suggested in the past is to use the phone number with the last 10 or so characters of the list ID for the contactID of the contact.  That would allow you to quickly search the list and to easily update the dialable field.  You could query the conversation analytics API for the phone number and campaign ID and get the contact list and contacted, but that would be slower than finding it in the contact list.  The best is to use your CRM to flag the contact and have a Pre-call Rule check that flag.  

    Robert Wakefield-Carl
    ttec Digital
    Sr. Director - Innovation Architects

  • 3.  RE: Block an outbound contact following an inbound call

    Posted 09-25-2023 13:04

    Not a full solution to your requirement (namely displaying to the Agent) but what I have seen people do in the past is to add the customer's number to DNC for the remainder of the day (or campaign). That would at least prevent the outbound sales call after the customer has already called in. I believe there are plans to allow DNC on other columns (like an Account Number) as PureConnect could do, which would make this a little slicker.


    Paul Simpson
    Eventus Solutions Group

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