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  • 1.  Calls not target Agents after transfer to IVR

    Posted 08-19-2022 01:26
    Dears ,

    Whenever the agent X receives an inbound call and requires to transfer this call back to the route point, the customer listens to the IVR successfully but The customer waits a long time and just hears silence and no action happens and he can't hear the IVR

    And I have received the below error :

    @04:29:45.5140 [0] send_to_client: message EventError
    (DN is busy)
    AttributeEventSequenceNumber 00000000000f4a00
    AttributeTimeinuSecs 514000
    AttributeTimeinSecs 1660876185 (04:29:45)
    AttributeExtensions [375] 00 0b 00 00..
    'CUSTOMER_ID' 'Environment'
    'VQ' 'Lost Or Stolen ARB'
    'AGENT' 'Abanoub.Adel'
    'PLACE' 'Ext_1815'
    'DN' '1815[SAIB_PhoneLogin_PT]@CSFABANOUBADEL'
    'SWITCH' 'UCM_Switch'
    'NVQ' 2
    'TARGET' '?:Lost_Stolen > 0 & ARB > 0@RoutingStatServer.GA'
    'iscc-request-type' 'transfer'
    'iscc-destination-dn' '1815[SAIB_PhoneLogin_PT]@CSFABANOUBADEL'
    AttributeErrorCode 231
    AttributeErrorMessage 'DN is busy'
    AttributeReason [14] 00 01 01 00..
    'RTR' 114
    AttributeRouteType 0 (RouteTypeUnknown)
    AttributeLocation 'UCM_Switch'
    AttributeThisDN '4461'
    AttributeOtherDN '8861'
    AttributeConnID 006f033ee160a38d
    AttributeReferenceID 7287326
    AttributeClientID 1

    04:29:45.514: Sending [776,TCP] 577 bytes to >>>>>
    SIP/2.0 200 OK
    Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bK1637a1244ee0400;received=
    From: "Mahmoud Elghazali" <sip:228@>;tag=61647497~32b7569c-65c3-4f0f-a90c-17312e08931c-179178603
    To: <sip:181@>;tag=85DA5D00-D1B3-4F4E-ABAF-BA7B98BAF8F5-924934
    Call-ID: c15caa00-1ee13d69-32d628-510a0a0a@
    CSeq: 103 NOTIFY
    Contact: <sip:;transport=tcp>
    X-Genesys-CallUUID: 2NMG42OC813319LIAR1ETA7630000DSO
    Supported: uui
    Content-Length: 0

    04:29:45.514: SipDialog: event CONNECTED_SEND_RESOK, t=1176965, s=7, r=8, m=0000000002a3fe28
    04:29:45.514 SIPCONN(228): HandleSipDialogEvent(CONNECTED_SEND_RESOK) - filtered
    04:29:45.514 SIPCONN(228): TRCLR(0)
    04:29:45.514: SIPTR(356369): failed
    04:29:45.514: SIPTR(356368): Step 0 - SipTransactionRefer(356369) failed
    04:29:45.514: SIPTR(356368): failed
    04:29:45.514: SIPCM: transaction SipScenario failed
    04:29:45.514: GetRegistration::Unable to resolve number for DN:dummy
    04:29:45.514: PI: 00 S[IN]D[228]C[*D[228]]P[MediaServer]
    04:29:45.514: PI: 00 S[QN]D[4461]E[-]MS[C[*D[MediaServer]]]P[228]
    04:29:45.514: SipCallManager::OnTransactionFailure: Internal context, doesn't notify04:29:45.514: OnRequestFailed
    04:29:45.514 -- thisCall by party
    04:29:45.514 Trc 36002 Request rejected: error code 231(DN is busy)

    Could you please help us ?



    Ahmed Sadek
    Integration Services and Technologies Company

  • 2.  RE: Calls not target Agents after transfer to IVR

    Posted 08-22-2022 09:34
    Hi Ahmed,

    You should look at your routing logs.
    Your deploy is using IRD (URS routing) or Composer (ORS routing) ?
    Which IVR are you using? GVP or third party?
    When the agent transfer back to the IVR, which kind of transfer is done: one step or two step? the agent expect hear the IVR before transfer the call?

    I understand, the first flow work as you expected: call arrive, go to the IVR, then agent, is it correct? when it fail is when the agent require to transfer back to the IVR. I have face this issue before, it could be:
    - Routing layer is not set to transfer consult calls
    - When call is transfered, routing layer did not route the call againd due to previous routing info (attach data) remain with the call, you could try removing previous Routing keys "RTarg*"
    - If the IVR is GVP, maybe the GVP received a different value of DNIS leading to reject the call.

    In the worst scenario, just open a case with customer support.

    Hope this helps,


    Saugort Garcia
    Interacciones Inteligentes S.A.

  • 3.  RE: Calls not target Agents after transfer to IVR

    Posted 08-28-2022 03:14
    Hi Ahmed,

    Lets say you transferred the call from your RP to IVR.
    Hope in your case customer have listen the IVR and later a point the there is a silence.

    Can you try see the GVP logs is the call Exited from IVR flow properly. If call is exited properly from IVR your call must land back to the same RP, what is logic you have written when the call land back ?

    Share any event snap (kazmir).

    Sudherson Nadar
    mokSa Technologies India Private Limited.