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  • 1.  Dashboards Beta

    Posted 05-19-2024 19:25

    At Xperience we were told that there is a beta either going or about to start for dashboards that we could sign up for.

    The only thing I'm finding in a search is one from over a year ago.  Can anyone point me to where we can sign up for this upcoming dashboards beta?


    Daniel Cross
    Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC

  • 2.  RE: Dashboards Beta

    Posted 05-20-2024 08:46

    There are three ideas on the AHA Roadmap that show progress.

    What features are you looking for?

    Steve Alix

  • 3.  RE: Dashboards Beta

    Posted 05-20-2024 09:04

    @Daniel Cross - The feature that is going to be in beta soon is the one corresponding to this idea: Dashboards: UI and Visualization Refresh | Genesys Cloud Ideas Portal ( We are finalizing the beta release for this feature and I will share the beta sign-up form as soon as possible.


    Nikhil Ponnam
    Principal Product Manager, Genesys Cloud CX

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