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  • 1.  Delete Recorder Tags

    Posted 06-27-2022 06:13
    Hi all,

    We gave users access to modify recording tags. Allowing them to add tags that would retain calls past retention periods etc. However, it looks like some users have taken it upon themselves to create new tags specific to themselves which we want to remove. I've looked everywhere for a list the allows me to delete but it looks it not possible to delete them from these places. Does anyone know how the existing tags can be deleted.

    Chris Tancred

  • 2.  RE: Delete Recorder Tags

    Posted 06-27-2022 07:41
    HI Chris,

    We removed these tags by running the following SQl command:

    Delete from IR_Tag
    Where TagName = 'Name of Tag to remove'

    Thank you

    Scott Williams
    Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority

  • 3.  RE: Delete Recorder Tags

    Posted 06-28-2022 12:33
    Hi Chris,

    You will not be able just delete the tag if there are recordings associated to the tag. Running the Delete statement will give you an FK reference error.

    To actually delete the tag itself, run a delete statement against the
    IR_TagMap table first to remove the tags from the recording association.

    At this point you would be able to delete the tag itself from the IR_Tag table.

    I hope this helps.

    Greg Hanson
    Avtex Solutions, LLC

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