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Early Results for the Game Day Challenge

  • 1.  Early Results for the Game Day Challenge

    Posted 02-01-2024 10:15

    The Game is Heating Up,

    No, not the football game! The Community's Prop Bets Challenge

    Remember, after the Super Bowl next Sunday, one member of the community will win a prize from the prize wall

    However, before the end zone is breached, Usher busts a move, or the famous Gatorade bath runs cold, we have some early results to tease the action. 

    Let's start with a snack...I mean that literally, because it looks like the big game offers a diverse menu at the community party, but new year diets may NOT be on the forefront of this team's mind.

    Will Salad ever get on the board? Surprised that desserts are getting passed over? Same, fam. Same. Personally, I am a pizza or Stromboli guy during the game, but, after looking at these results, I may huddle up with a salad to express my condolences. 

    There are a lot of close, close categories, but we have some runaway winners in certain categories. First, we have a clear favorite for the game's MVP (no spoilers here), one category is a shutout (any guesses which one?), and the expectations for Usher got us falling in love again. 

    Close races to watch? Well, the coin flip is dangerously close to being a 50/50 split in the polls, which makes ironic sense, but I am surprised that a score in the first six minutes of game time is our only bonafide 50/50 tie for the time being.   

    Your vote matters, and you could win big. So get in the game and help us turn some of these trends around.

    Do it for the Gipper! 


    Matt Lawson
    Genesys - Employees
    Online Community Manager

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