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Fax to PDF instead of TIFF

  • 1.  Fax to PDF instead of TIFF

    Posted 07-01-2022 15:48
    Does anyone know if this is still valid?

    So after some testing I found that there is 2 parts to this, first you need to make sure that the security setting "TIFF faxes" (under user configuration/Security/Security Rights) is unchecked, then you can head over to user configuration/Options and select PDF from the "Web Client fax format" drop-down and it'll work just fine. As long as "TIFF faxes" is checked off the settings you select under options don't matter. Thanks

    We get medical faxes, and they come as TIFF.  We have a program that lets us edit them, but the program hasn't been updated in around 10 years.  We were hoping to use something like Adobe reader (just need to add some text to the file), but it doesn't support TIFF.

    If the above still works, where exactly are the two locations that are listed above located at?

    Jon Mercer

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