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Feedback Required: Versioning Lifecycle Management in Architect

  • 1.  Feedback Required: Versioning Lifecycle Management in Architect

    Posted 03-18-2024 08:16
    Edited by Gemma Alvarez 03-18-2024 08:17


    We are looking at scheduling some research calls to discuss some ideas of improving the lifecycle management within architect. This session will focus on the foundations of deployments and versioning control with a longer term vision of improved lifecycle management.  

    This would be enable better versioning across all flows to improve the ease when it come to User Acceptance Testing. It will also enable the author to preview the flow within the architect experience without having to publish that flow.

    If we take the example of a Bot Authoring Lifecycle (this may not be the exact example in our research).

    A bot author creates a new bot, and builds out a digital menu, they immediately want to test to see how this would display within Messenger. This will enable them to do that with a 'save' rather than having to publish the bot first. The Bot author can continue to build and test as they design their bot. Once they want to push out a new version, the bot author can easily share the bot with internal stakeholders in a demo website (or this could also facilitate other channels in regards to digital bot). The bot author can get continual feedback, allowing better collaboration where they can easily update the changes on that same version. The bot author could also be working on further enhancements on a newer version at the same time.

    Once all stakeholders have signed off, the bot author can easily publish this version to the customer website. 

    The bot author can continue to work on version 2, and the lifecycle continues....

    Please let me know if you are interested in helping shape the future in architect.  Please email on


    Gemma Alvarez
    Genesys - Employees

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