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FINAL FOUR!! March Madness bracket update

  • 1.  FINAL FOUR!! March Madness bracket update

    Posted 04-01-2024 10:49
    Edited by Nicole Milliken 04-01-2024 10:54

    Okay, okay, I'll be the first to admit how BAD I am at picking basketball brackets. Last week I was dead last in both the men's and women's category! But I'm happy to announce that I've clawed my way back up to the lukewarm middle in the Men's bracket and have managed to stay...dead last in the women's. Let's check in to see how you all are doing (much better than I, I'm sure!)

    Currently in the Men's brackets, we have @Glenda Kingston in first place with 80 current points. If her teams continue to win, she could max out at 180! She's hoping Perdue will take the cake. In second, we have @Bruce Fuhrer with 75 points with a chance to max at 139. And in third sits our friend @George Ganahl tied with Bruce at 75 points, with a chance to make up 123 points...both of them choosing UConn to take it all. It will all come down to the final four games coming up this weekend! 

    In the women's brackets, we have @Clay Tison in first with 94 points but right on her heels is the community's own @Matt Lawson at 93! (We work together and so I'll be sure to help Clay rub that one point in Matt's face as long as we can!) Clay picked S. Carolina to win, while Matt chose Iowa. In third currently, is @aaron kennelly with 89 points with a chance of 169 max points. Aaron also picked S. Carolina to win. Oh the drama!  

    Who will win the big dance?! It sure won't be me :)


    Nicole Milliken
    Genesys - Employees

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