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  • 1.  GCAP

    Posted 11-15-2023 03:35
    Edited by Richard Beenen 11-15-2023 03:36
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    Does anyone know if GCAP still exists? I redeemed eight awards 22 days ago and I did not receive any confirmation from the Customer Advocacy Manager.
    I also cannot get in touch with any of the Customer Advocacy Managers I was in contact with in the past. 
    Same issue with a colleague of mine, who redeemed awards three weeks ago.
    Or does anybody have a name of another Customer Advocacy Manager? In the past, I was in contact with Jenna Feldman and Michael Garside. Apparently they left?


    Richard Beenen
    H&M Hennes & Mauritz GBC AB

  • 2.  RE: GCAP

    Posted 11-15-2023 04:40
    Edited by Tracy Vickers 11-15-2023 04:39

    Hi Richard,

    GCAP does still exist, they've gone through a few changes in the last few weeks. I've reached out to @Cole Callahan to get in touch with you.


  • 3.  RE: GCAP

    Posted 11-15-2023 04:45

    Thank you Tracy, much appreciated.
    Have a great day.

    Richard Beenen
    H&M Hennes & Mauritz GBC AB

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