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  • 1.  Groups - Side effects of updating in real time

    Posted 15 days ago

    Hi: Newbie here. I inherited a Genesys Cloud CX instance with 60+ active users, and quite a few inactive accounts. Queues for our Production system were not really configured using groups because my predecessor found them to be inconvenient. As a result, quite a few inactive users were still associated to those queues. I started removing inactive users from the queues, and the CX supervisor stormed into my office claiming that I was dropping calls while doing so.

    Silly question but.... MUST I do those removals after hours, when our call center is closed to the public? Does configuring (adding new users / removing inactive ones) disrupt a queue (yikes!) If this is a newbie goof, I've probably learned my lesson...


    David Miró
    Truenorth Corp.

  • 2.  RE: Groups - Side effects of updating in real time
    Best Answer

    Posted 13 days ago

    Hi David

    I'm sure most of us admin types have done things over the years to cause issues with live traffic.  Although I can't see a scenario where updating membership of a queue would cause calls to drop unless you have some specific preferred agent type routing setup somewhere and your flows have no error/fault handling if none of the preferred agents are around anymore.

    I would say it's best to have a really good understanding of what your in-queue flow and any flow that transfers to queues does under certain scenarios.

    Vaun McCarthy

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