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Improved sentiment analysis for English

  • 1.  Improved sentiment analysis for English

    Posted 02-15-2023 13:46


    Today we're really excited to release an improved sentiment analysis model for English.

    The updated model uses context from surrounding phrases to improve the detection rates of positive and negative sentiments. 

    Interaction processed by older sentiment model:

    Same interaction processed by newer sentiment model:

    The newer model improves the accuracy of classifying negative sentiment in the above interaction. It was able to use context to classify negative sentiment in 'I cannot wait too long', and also in a very long and complex phrase 'Although my new iPhone 14 worked really well for the first 2 weeks, it started having screen issues in the third week, and now Apple wants to charge me over 300 dollars to repair the screen even when the phone is almost brand new and covered by warranty.'

    For more information, see About sentiment analysis

    Please reach out to if you want to share any feedback on the updated sentiment model.


    STA Team


    Anik Dey
    Genesys - Employees
    Staff Product Manager

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