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  • 1.  Jump To Reusable Task not show in the list of tasks that can be selected.

    Posted 06-13-2024 11:38


    I am having a problem when I create a "Jump to Reusable Task" from the Main Menu.

    I have already created Reusable Tasks but none are showing in the list(drop down) of Tasks to select from.

    I have done save and validation but there is a red error noting "There is no task reference set".

    I have also close the Architect window and went back into the call flow but still have the problem.

    When I create a new Reusable task from the + option it will link but I get an error noting Cannot jump to a task that has output paths.

    This flow was working but after changing to another reusable task flow. I was not able to select back to the original. would not show in the dropdown.



    Brian Mecham


  • 2.  RE: Jump To Reusable Task not show in the list of tasks that can be selected.

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 06-13-2024 17:07

    Hi Brian

    So in Architect you have either jump to reusable task or call reusable task.

    Jump to reusable task, can not have output paths, that is the exit task action, all paths must be like transfer to acd, jump to task, disconnect.

    The exit task action, which creates the output paths is for call task actions so you can call the task and then come back to the calling task and continue actions there.

    Anton Vroon

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