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Managing Complex Dependency Logic

  • 1.  Managing Complex Dependency Logic

    Posted 7 days ago


    I've recently been working with our QA team regarding evaluation form designs, and an item I have had coming up recently is that they have been defining dependency logic which isn't directly supported by the evaluation form engine.  I'll try to illustrate this with some pseudo code.

    Question 1 is multiple choice: A, B, C
    Question 2 is multiple choice: D, E, F

    The stakeholder wants Question 3 to be dependent on 1 = A OR B AND 2 = D OR E

    Since the evaluation only works on an ANY or ALL evaluation, what I've been doing thus far is to split these into multiple questions:

    Question 3 ALL A D
    Question 4 ALL A E
    Question 5 ALL B D
    Question 6 ALL B E

    Where all of the questions from 3-6 have the same the same actual content.

    This isn't really scalable though as they introduce more complexity to the questions.

    I've made the recommendation to try to bake the OR logic into the earlier questions as a solution for this thus far.  This has a bit of a disadvantage of conflicting with more granular dependency logic on individual questions though.

    Another option I've been thinking of is to make questions which will just create a consolidated data point to encapsulate the OR logic.  The disadvantage here is that it adds clicks to the evaluation forms as well as the opportunity for use error.


    Q1 A, B, C
    Q2 D,E,F

    Q3 (Dependent on ANY A, B)
    A Click here
    B Don't Click Here

    Q4 (Dependent on ANY D,E)
    A Click Here
    B Don't Click Here

    Q5 (Dependent on ALL Q3 = A, Q4 = A)

    Anyhow, I am curious how others are managing this sort of thing with dependency logic.  In truth, I am sort of hoping I am just unaware of a feature somewhere which would make this easier.




    Matt Riedl
    AdaptHealth LLC