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  • 1.  MM - First Night Madness

    Posted 03-22-2024 10:54

    I was watching history in the making and have never been as smitten during a game as when I watched 14-seed Oakland beat 3-seed Kentucky and send my bracket into a freefall with a punctured parachute.

    It's always hard not to root for an underdog, even though the last word's I heard on broadcast were Oakland's breakout star Jack Gohlke informing me, "We are not a Cinderella team," but more than a win, I wanted Gohlke to hit one more three-point shot, making him 11/20 for the night, so that he could be tied for the March Madness record.

    Sadly, teams like Oakland and players like Gohlke may not have the same opportunity to compete in future iterations of the NCAA tournament (read more about the controversial idea here), so let's enjoy this non-Cinderella Cinderella story while we can and pour one out for a few brackets in the first night's standings in the Community March Madness Bracket.

    No bracket in the Genesys Men's tournament guessed day one's action correctly, but we still have a mighty field of competitors. 

    Some familiar names are at the top the leaders of the bracket: @Bruce Fuhrer and Dolly Sud, both have 14 points. 

    Just below them is the Q&A Show's most loyal correspondent @George Ganahl and @Alexander Polley with 13 points. George may be tied for second but he has the most remaining points left on the board with 187 points possible if all games go his way.

    @Glenda Kingston and Michael Haswell, could finish with 186 points, but they are currently tied with @dawn weston, the Genesys Knowledge Network's own @Clay Tison, and myself with 12 points. 

    After going through the Community's Archives, our own Nicole reminded me that Bruce and Dolly were tied at the end of last season's womens bracket and just missed out on the top prize, just behind Alex! So our current leaderboard is stacked with recurring talent.

    Thanks everyone for playing and hope you enjoy the tournament. There's still one hour to submit a womens bracket if you haven't already!

    Feed me the rock!



    Matt Lawson
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