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New Q&A Episode is Bot-a-riffic!

  • 1.  New Q&A Episode is Bot-a-riffic!

    Posted 11-09-2023 18:15

    If you like bot-everything, this new Q&A episode is just for you! 

    In October, the Genesys Online Community ran a contest all about bots and there were two ways to win! You could win if you submitted a story about a bot you built with Genesys software, or you could win if you told us about the personal bots you made or use in your home to make life easier. In this episode of the Q&A show, we reveal the winner of the "Home Bot!" Is it you???

    But not only that, we take bots even further...we asked all of you in the community if you had any bot questions, and we were really surprised at all the great questions that came in. We interviewed bot pros Mike Pickwick and Dave Pelland on this brand new Q&A Show episode and they answered some of the questions and, in a few weeks, they'll be back with demos and more in-depth answers to some of the other questions we received. Stay tuned for that!

    We also need YOUR VOTES! Mike and Dave selected the two finalists for the Genesys Bot contest, and reveal who they are in this episode. But now we are asking you, our amazing and knowledgable community members, to vote in a poll to determine the winner. In the next Q&A episode, we'll reveal who you all selected as the winner!

    Where is the poll? It's on the Genesys home page, or on the Genesys Cloud CX page, on the right hand side. Cast your vote for either @Lucas Woodward's "Open Source Tool for Testing Chatbots" or @Jan Heinonen's "Survey Integrated Chat Bot." You can read their submissions in this thread to help you decide who to vote for. 

    Congrats on being finalists, Lucas and Jan, and good luck in the polls! 

    If you love bots, or want to learn more about what type of bots were submitted during the contest, please read all of the amazing submissions we received by clicking the links below:  
    Genesys bot submissions

    Home bot submissions

    Overall, if you love bots, this is the Q&A Show episode for you! 

    Happy watching! 


    Nicole Milliken
    Genesys - Employees

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