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Performance Intraday's Anticipated SL values are out-of-whack

  • 1.  Performance Intraday's Anticipated SL values are out-of-whack

    Posted 09-29-2023 03:41

    I have been looking at Performance Intraday reports for the current day, and for some reason, the anticipated SL% Act is almost always way lower. Say it is now noon, the SL% Act earlier in the days is 90+%. But the future timesteps have SL% Act of between 25-50%. This seem to happen most days. When management asks what we expect SLA to be, say at 3pm, and if there is a possibility of sending a few staff home, we could never provide anything that is even close.

    The forecasts is done based on 7% IOS, and SL of 70%/30s for calculated staffing. Then an overheads template is used for required staffing. Schedules are built based on required staffing. I read a definition of Anticipated Values below. But anticipated values for IV and AHT doesn't look so wildly different. So I can't explain why anticipated SL can be so wrong.

    Anticipated values

    For Interaction Volume and AHT, future "actual" timestep values are calculated based on the ratio of previous actual/forecast values from moment to moment. For the other columns, values for future timesteps are forecasted based on anticipated IV and AHT. Actual values replace these anticipated values as the displayed data is refreshed.

    The below is a screenshot of Performance Intraday for the same Activity Group, but taken at noon and at 4pm. At noon, the anticipated SL Act is between 25-50% (1st screenshot at noon). But at 4pm, those same timesteps reported 90+%

    What could be causing this?


    Cherith O'Neill
    Telstra Corporation Ltd

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