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  • 1.  Prioritized Caller Selection option on trunk - behaviour

    Posted 09-21-2023 00:03
    Edited by Vaun McCarthy 09-24-2023 18:45

    Hi team

    Looking at this resource centre article:

    if this is set in order for:

    1. Call Source
    2. Trunk

    When a call is made outbound on behalf of queue that has no outbound caller ID set for it, what would you expect the behaviour to be in the following scenarios?

    1. User making the call has a DID in their profile
    2. User making the call does NOT have a DID in their profile

    In both scenarios, the trunk itself has an outbound caller ID set.

    In running through a few scenarios this is what is happening if the user has a DDI...:

    1. Create a queue with no caller ID set - in the caller ID for the queue that field value remains NULL
    2. Edit the queue to add a caller ID to it, but then delete that caller ID - the field doesn't revert to NULL but now becomes +undefined

    In the case of #1, the user's DDI presents, in the case of #2 the next item in the prioritisation list presents.

    Before I go and reopen my case, how do you all interpret the resource centre article around this?

    There's still some discrepancy in how Genesys' tech writers on the resource centre and the Care team interpret this behaviour.  


    Vaun McCarthy

  • 2.  RE: Prioritized Caller Selection option on trunk - behaviour

    Posted 09-22-2023 07:44

    Hi Vaun,

    I would think the call source to be the queue in the case you described. So, since the call source has no outbound ANI, it uses the trunk. 

    Matthew Raleigh
    Thermo Fischer CRG
    Sr. IT COMM Eng.

  • 3.  RE: Prioritized Caller Selection option on trunk - behaviour

    Posted 09-24-2023 18:22

    Thanks Matthew, this is how my colleagues and I, and one of the tech writers @ Genesys interpret it as well, but based on my updates to this thread there's either a defect or a disconnect between what care think and their writers think.

    Vaun McCarthy

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