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  • 1.  Pulse / Pulse Collector server HW com

    Posted 01-25-2024 06:05

    Hello all,

    One of our customers wants to implement the new Pulse & Pulse Collector server.

    He asking for the HW server (VM Ware server)) requirments. 

    Maybe somebody can send me such information? I can't find it on the Genesys documentation server.

    Can it be installed on the same server where the GAX will run? 

    Does the "recommended configuration" for the GAX is enough?

    • 64-bit operating system
    • Four virtual processor cores
    • 8 GB RAM
    • Default configuration of 2 GB Java Heap Memory for GAX processes

    Best regards,



    Best regards,

    Yvgeni Liberman
    ITNAV-Pro Ltd.

  • 2.  RE: Pulse / Pulse Collector server HW com

    Posted 01-26-2024 11:25

    Hello Yvgeni,

    There is a basic sizing page that may help you estimate what will be needed.

    Genesys Pulse Hardware Sizing and Performance Information

    There are also other factors to consider:

    1. Number of users hitting Pulse (Individual dashboards)
    2. Number of wallboards/dashboards
    3. Widgets and Update frequency for stat servers to handle

    Also I assume this will be Pulse 9 and I would recommend separate VMs for it as it has been decoupled from GAX.

    One customer we set up was a multi-site architecture with HA where we had 3 VMs in each site hosting 2 Pulse Instances, 2 Pulse Collector instances and 2 Stat Server instances per site.  The VMs had the same specs... 4 vCPUs, 8 GB RAM.

    Michael Silverman
    Tykans Group Inc

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