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Reschedule calls behavior when Campaign recycled during the Calls Placed

  • 1.  Reschedule calls behavior when Campaign recycled during the Calls Placed

    Posted 05-27-2024 09:10

    Hello all, I am in a mission to create an Outbound Campaign Solution for a client, and I have problem when recycling Campaign (I have to recycle)

    The campaign handles an Interactions that were reschedule during the running of the Campaign in a weird way,

    This is the scenario: I turn the campaign ON (first time) a call dialed and not answer so the Attempt Control reschedule the call,

    And then, before the time to recall arrive, an administrator recycled the campaign, then i turn the Campaign ON again (second time), the rescheduled call

    Cenceled but the Campaign also don't dial to that number again when i turn the Campaign On, just skip it (and i don't get system disposition code), 

    After the campaign finish to run and i turn it ON again (third time), it does dial the number.

    This behavior is weird.

    I would expect that after the Campaign Recycled, it will dial all the numbers from the start, including the number that rescheduled and then canceled.

    And also, even if I'm wrong about that and have false expectations, why does the campaign do call that number after i turn it ON the third time?

    Also does anyone know, how contacts that were rescheduled due to Contactable Time Set restriction, and before they were dial the Campaign was recycled

    How the Campaign will handle these Contacts when it turns ON, will it dial them or not?

    Shahar Leonard
    ITNAV-Pro Ltd.


    Shahar Leonard
    ITNAV-Pro Ltd.

  • 2.  RE: Reschedule calls behavior when Campaign recycled during the Calls Placed
    Best Answer

    Posted 06-13-2024 21:23

    The reschedule time is based on your call response rule.  The reason it probably dialed the third time and not the second is that the recall time for that callback had not expired.  Also, if you look here you will see that it does not dial again automatically. 

    • When a campaign is recycled, it does not automatically turn on and start dialing the contact list again. The campaign must be manually switched on, or a rule or sequence must be in place to start the campaign again.

    Robert Wakefield-Carl
    ttec Digital
    Sr. Director - Innovation Architects

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