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  • 1.  RTP Broken Connection

    Posted 04-05-2024 00:59

    Hi all

    I'm having a problem Incoming calls from Provider => SBC => SIP server => Agent. 

    When the call is about to be transferred to the agent, there is a problem that the voice is quiet or sometimes the call is disconnected.


    Nuttapong Limadisai
    G-Able Public Company Limited

  • 2.  RE: RTP Broken Connection

    Posted 04-08-2024 08:58

    What does the QoS'ing tags look like on both sides for the RTP? We had something similar occur, where the audio from the agent to the recorder (to the SBC) got disrupted due to QoS'ing and network connectivity. Eventually causing the SBC to BYE the call. 

    I'm not super familiar with G711a, but are there any options that could have been set on the INVITEs?

    Karl Theurer
    Optum Technology, Inc

  • 3.  RE: RTP Broken Connection

    Posted 04-09-2024 06:42

    It looks from the provided graph that the call was established and RTP packets were distributed and dropping happened after some time.
    Did you check also networking ( VLANs ) between the both IPs from trace ?
    Were you able to play an audio from the pcap - was any audio distortion -> interruption/breaking voice heard ?

    Piot Gordon Poland

  • 4.  RE: RTP Broken Connection

    Posted 04-10-2024 12:13

    Hello Nuttapong,

    What is your IP Profile setting for the provider side under Media for Broken Connection Mode?

    The default is typically set to disconnect so when the SBC believes RTP is not communicating, it will disconnect the call.

    You can set the option to Ignore which will instruct the SBC to keep the RTP stream open and that should keep the call up.



    Michael Silverman
    Tykans Group Inc

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