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  • 1.  Salesforce integration and SF_URLPop

    Posted 05-19-2022 14:57
    we are running an outbound campaign that is created in saleforce but connects directly to Genesys.  We noticed in the set of records, there is a SF_URLPop field.  We are arguing with our SF team on where this is mapped.  They think it is in Genesys, but we think this is sent over from SF to Genesys .  We want the value in that field changed to something else but cant find.   We know how to set the value on inbound calls, but this is for the campaign records for outbound.

    Clayton Curtis
    Enova Online Services, Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Salesforce integration and SF_URLPop

    Posted 05-19-2022 17:15
    @Clayton Curtis take a look at this resource article. Format Salesforce URL for new record screen pop - Genesys Cloud Resource Center (

    Ultimately, in your architect flow, you set a Participant Data node with the attribute name of SF_URLPop and pass the path and pop-to details as the value (either literally or through Expression).  In scenarios where a contact is ID'd from a previously executed data actions against Salesforce such as an ANI match, the data you put in the value triggers the Salesforce CTI Integration with Genesys (assuming the SF Team has installed and configured the Genesys Purecloud from Trailblazer)

    James Riley
    Aspen Technologies

    James Riley
    CX Consultant/Genesys Practice Lead
    Aspen Technology Group, Inc.