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  • 1.  Salesforce Screenpop search without removing International Code

    Posted 05-28-2024 23:03

    Hello Brains Trust,

    With regards to Salesforce - Genesys integration, we are facing a wierd issue and am wondering if anyone can help.

    Referring to the following statement from the integration guide (

    By default, the integration removes the US country code prefix of +1 from all inbound phone numbers before searching Salesforce for the number. You can configure the integration to keep the US country code or to remove other country codes.

    For my Sandbox environment, it works as documented, whereas in Salesforce Live environment, for some reason the integration does not remove the country code before searcing Salesforce for the phone number.

    We have verified the call center setup on both environments and they are same. Is there anything obvious that may be missing?


    Médecins Sans Frontières

  • 2.  RE: Salesforce Screenpop search without removing International Code

    Posted 06-13-2024 23:48

    Are the numbers in your Prod normalized the same as in your sandbox?  Do you see them as 11 or 10 digits?

    Robert Wakefield-Carl
    ttec Digital
    Sr. Director - Innovation Architects

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