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SCIM and multiple AD groups

  • 1.  SCIM and multiple AD groups

    Posted 08-10-2022 15:37

    We have two AD groups - CREW and PILOT. We also have the same groups replicated in Genesys Cloud for SCIM provisioning.

    Normally, on a single group, when an AD user is removed from that group they get marked as inactive in Genesys.

    Can you please tell me what the expected behaviour is under these scenarios:

    1 - AD users in BOTH groups (CREW and PILOT) and is then removed from one of those in AD but remains in the other group in AD

    2 - AD user is in CREW group, is then removed from that in AD and added to PILOT in AD

    3 - User is removed from both AD groups, and marked as deleted manually (or via subsequent SCIM update) in Genesys Cloud but then subsequently added back to one of those groups.



    Vaun McCarthy

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