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  • 1.  Scripts

    Posted 11-20-2022 22:08
    Hi Team,

    Good Morning.
    I need some assistance regarding the scripts that we are creating for our Org. In the script, we have a requirement for dynamic drop down, for eg: we have 3 drop downs A,B and C.
    Based on the option selected in drop down A, we need to dispaly the respective options in drop down B and based on selection from A and B, dropdown C options needs to be updated.

    We created a data table with all possible outcomes and created a data action that lookups the data table for drop down options. However, we created a custom action that calls the dataaction we created but we are unable to use the output of the data action which gives us the options of dropdowns as a list of items in drop down B(inorder to check if are able to see the output of data action,we just tried to display the output variables in a text field in script, that also failed).

    Please suggest on how can we make this possible. FYI, we were able to achieve our functionality using boolean variables ,but we are getting all the boolean variables created being shown up in Interaction details which makes us complicated for our reports.

    Thank you ..
    Naga Pavan kalyan

    Naga Pavan Kalyan Mullapudi
    NationsBenefits, LLC

  • 2.  RE: Scripts

    Posted 11-23-2022 02:56
    Edited by Alberto Sagredo 11-23-2022 02:58

    Hi Naga

    I have been doing a research also in dev forum, but could not find if this can be done

    I have been thinking and maybe a workaround if this works for you is to have options that open new pages where you add also options that will open new pages or do data actions.

    I dont know if this can work for you.

    I found some links related i put here for your inspection

    Reset dropdown list back to default

    Also check our ideas forum where you can vote or add yours if already does not exist

    Genesys Cloud Ideas Portal



    Alberto Sagredo
    Sr Technical Account Manager EMEA
    Genesys - Employees

  • 3.  RE: Scripts

    Posted 11-23-2022 09:53
    Hi Albeto,

    Good Morning..!
    First of all I would like to thank you for investing your time on my request and getting back. 
    We created a data action that pulls the list of values for 2nd drop down by taking the value selected in 1st drop down as input. Same data action can be used for retrieving the values in 3rd drop down taking the combination of values selected in 1st and 2nd drop downs. The data action is working perfectly as expected.
    we are calling the data action from the drop down 1 and 2 to retrieve the list of values from data table for dropdown 2 and 3 resp, but we are unable to use the output values from the data action as list of values in drop down 2 and 3.

    Thank you.

    Naga Pavan Kalyan Mullapudi
    NationsBenefits, LLC

  • 4.  RE: Scripts

    Posted 11-24-2022 15:25
    I haven't had a chance to try this but I assume you are using the new List type objects in the script and assigning the drop down to one of these List Variables.
    What you then need is our DataAction to provide a List you can assign to the that Variable

    Something to try, instead of using an array as the output, have a flat string with values delaminated with the new line character /n and assign that to the variable.

    However another approach entirely is, It sounds like you have 3 static lists, and if the agent selects value A from List 1 then Display List 2, if they select Value B from List 1 display List 3 etc right?
    Depending on how big these lists are and how deep they go, you could just create the lists in Scripter, and set assign visibility variables. And on the drop down under advanced there is Change Action, set this action up to set those visibility variables, so if Value == A, set List 2 to true, else set to false, if value == B set to True else false etc etc etc. A lot more effort especially if it is several layers deep, but if you can't it working through DataActions it might be an option.

    Anton Vroon

  • 5.  RE: Scripts

    Posted 11-25-2022 05:17
    Hi Anton Vroon,

    Good Morning,
    We are currently using the second approach you suggested already. we were trying to achieve this functionality using the first approach i.e, Data Actions, could you please help me with an example of flat string as output and how can we configure that in Data action.

    Thank you,
    Naga Pavan kalyan

    Naga Pavan Kalyan Mullapudi
    NationsBenefits, LLC

  • 6.  RE: Scripts

    Posted 11-24-2022 02:10

    It would help if you can also share how your source data i.e. data in the data table looks like and how it appears within the script after Data Action execution? You dont have to share the exact data, just make something up that looks similar. 


    Muhammad Zubair Awan
    Spark NZ Trading

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