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  • 1.  setting ININ_SSL_MIN_PROTOCOL_VERSION to TLSv1.2

    Posted 05-31-2024 16:11

    Hello Team,

    This is probably an amazingly easy question for the lot of you, but I have been 'wrassling' with upgrading to cic2023 again and the recent version of pre-reqs calls out setting ININ_SSL_MIN_PROTOCOL_VERSION to tlsv1.2 as one of the first steps.  I assumed this would be a var i could find in the system params but i am left wanting.  Can someone tell me where i would set this as my screens do not seem to mesh with the screenshot in the doc.  I have provided it below: 


    Christopher Becker
    State of Michigan - Oakland County - WRC

  • 2.  RE: setting ININ_SSL_MIN_PROTOCOL_VERSION to TLSv1.2

    Posted 06-02-2024 20:09

    By adding this as a System Environment variable you are forcing PureConnect to use TLS 1.x which every one you set it to. If you are updating to CIC 2023 , make sure your certs are also update from SHA1 to SHA256

    Jayson Aggen
    TTEC Digital, LLC fka Avtex Solutions, LLC

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