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Trivia Tower - Sustainability Trivia (Win a Prize)

  • 1.  Trivia Tower - Sustainability Trivia (Win a Prize)

    Posted 05-09-2024 10:56

    Like the mighty mountains of the Himalayas, the Trivia Tower dares adventurous keepers of knowledge, recyclers of plastics, and riders of eco-friendly vehicles to climb its majestic range of questions. Whomever answers the most correctly wins a prize from the equally majestic prize wall.

    Remember! You must make this journey ALONE. No help from sherpas, donkeys, or GOOGLE! 

    This Challenge is Sponsored by the Genesys Knowledge Network, your all-in-one access point for Genesys resources. Are you a fan of the GKN? Share your love in our GKN Story Contest of how you use the site for a chance to win an electric bike! 

    Trivia Tower - Terms and Conditions: 

    • To be eligible for the prize, you cannot have won a prize in the last three months.
    • You must be a Genesys Employee, Customer, or Partner with an active contract.
    • Additionally, your profile must reflect that you have been in the community leading up to the contest. Great signs of activity:
      • Signing In
      • Browsing
      • Asking Questions
      • Participating in Discussions


    Matt Lawson
    Genesys - Employees
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