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Week 2 - Trivia Is Now CLOSED

  • 1.  Week 2 - Trivia Is Now CLOSED

    Posted 06-09-2022 12:05
    Edited by Matt Lawson 06-10-2022 17:12

    Questions for week two are now live!

    We've upped the ante and thrown in a few extra brain scratchers your way to get more points on the board. After this week, we will be 1/2 way through the Trivia Towers first tournament! Keep in mind that our current leader only has 8 total points and a lot of people trying to make up 1 or 2 points to make the top spot their own, so stay sharp and guess smart. Next Monday, we'll know how this week's puzzlers shakeup the leaderboard.

    Thanks to the AppFoundry Community for sponsoring this week's trivia! The AppFoundry community is a great channel for sharing your experience and learning about the wonderful Apps that Genesys offers.

    Next Thursday, the WEM team has some WTW (What-The-What?) questions that will engage your brain and maybe your senses. Before then, get ready for our first popup trivia event. The topic was suggested by @Mackenzie Becker and promises to be pretty magical. Check out this week's bonus question, for a good hint of what the topic may be.

    More on the popup event later. I will put your minds at ease that the popup event WILL NOT impact the Trivia Tower Tournament. It will be a self-contained event with its own winner and uniquely themed prize wall, so if you are a fan of this wizarding world, you won't wont to miss a thing or a question.

    If you have any questions for the trivia group, please post below. Also, we'd love to hear how are you liking trivia? Is it too easy? Too hard? Just perfect? I've looked into the crystal ball to see what's ahead and be warned that some tough TOUGH questions are around the corner.



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