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  • 1.  Workplans - Flexible start time

    Posted 12-22-2022 05:56
    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to set up a workplan for an agent that works 40h a week but has flexible 8h over the weekend.
    Agent works Monday to Thursday fixed hours and then has the freedom to work 8h over the weekend.

    Is it possible to add this flexibility to the workplan? I could see only the option for "Flexible times" where I could set up the earliest shift start but it gives me the option for the latest only 24h later - if I set up the earliest start 8am on Saturday, I cannot change it to have the latest start at 4pm on Sunday for example.


    Dejan Mavrovic
    Shutterstock, Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Workplans - Flexible start time

    Posted 12-23-2022 08:19
    Hey Dejan,

    Are the agents fully flexible over the weekend? What are the hours of operation? Do they choose the hours?


  • 3.  RE: Workplans - Flexible start time

    Posted 12-23-2022 09:38

    That should be possible. I am assuming you want them to work 8h either Sat or Sun and not 8h over both days, correct? You would define one shift row in the work plan for Sat and Sun (or one for each) and be sure to mark Sat and Sun as optional days.

    If you instead wanted some amount of 8h to be worked between Sat and Sun, that should still be possible. You would have variable pay between 0-8h on both optional Sat and Sun and let need dictate when the 8h are scheduled.

    Of course you have to ensure maximum weekly paid time, maximum scheduled days per week, and other constraints work.

    Jay Langsford
    VP, R&D