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PureCloud BYOC Cloud SIP Connection and Trunking with Zoom Phone Example 

01-17-2020 17:33

As part of a growing UCC partner strategy, Genesys and Zoom are working together to provide enhanced integration capabilities between our two cloud-based platforms.  Attached is an example document outlining how to connect PureCloud BYOC Cloud to Zoom Phone as a Contact Center provider.

1/30/2020 update: new info added to doc
2/26/2020 update: new info added to doc
6/29/2020 update: updated document with small changes to Zoom Admin setup workflow
8/19/2020 update: added description of selecting target GC IVR, Group, or User DID for inbound calls from Zoom to GC
2/12/2021 updated: improved description of branch site configuration for GC to Zoom trunk setup

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09-17-2021 13:27

Not sure if issue persists. but we recently set up a customer with Zoom Phone as BYOC.  working fine now, but at the beginning we had issues with some outbound and inbound scenarios. although it is for a customer in USA, I share some notes that helped us to fix the issues:

case 1:  outbound call from Genesys Cloud to Zoom failing.
1. Check the trunk created by zoom has the Outbound SIP Termination FQDN field with the correct value, page 7 in reference guide.
2. Make sure the Zoom outboud route created includes the External trunk created for Zoom, page 10 in reference guide
3.Confirm you have  number plan that goes to Zoom. you can Use the simulate Tab to test what route is used for a dialed number, Sites-> [select site]
4. Confirm the inbound domain shown in Zoom (page 8) matches the value entered in Genesys external Trunk for Zoom Phone in the field: Inbound SIP Termination (page 7)
5. Confirm Genesys can reach the Outbound SIP Termination FQDN value entered in that field. (page 7)  confirm the suffixe required in that field is the right one, for US is

6. after running the Zoom Phone configuration one more time to add a 2nd target, we  had to add the server specified in the the Outbound SIP Termination FQDN field under the list of 'SIP Servers or Proxies' at the top of the list.
Also validate some configuration with the document as the Zoom Phone wizard overwrote some of the already configured settings.

hope this helps

08-18-2021 04:50

Hi Trey,


Do you know if this has been tested outside US ?

I've been trying to make it work with an organization hosted in EU Central 1 (Frankfurt) for 2 months now.


Inbound call from Zoom to Genesys Cloud are OK, but outbound call from Genesys Cloud to Zoom are failing.

I tried to engage both Zoom and Genesys Cloud support team without any luck.



Loïc Hesling

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