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Quizzes & Contests | Genesys Gamification Event Series 

09-16-2020 12:57

Keep your agents engaged, in both mind and spirit! Tools like quizzes and contests offer a different approach to assessing and bettering agent knowledge and performance, allowing users to better retain information and get instant recognition for their success.


Learn more about how quizzes and contests come into play in the contact center through Genesys nGAGEMENT to engage agents, push performance and drive adoption in this video from Genesys Director of Solutions, @Pascal Leclerc.​



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09-21-2020 10:16

@Annica Luo Great question. nGAGEMENT uses 2 scoring concepts with ​very different objectives and bring performance together with participation.

  1. Performance points (orange icon): Agents score performance points for meeting their KPI targets, creating a very game-like experience for reaching the expected level of performance.
  2. nGAGEMENT points (blue icon): Agents earn nGAGEMENT points by participating in the gamification platform. 
    • Daily LogIn = +5 points
    • Conseccutive LogIns = +1 point (Caped at 25 conseccutive days
    • Sending Cheers = +1 point (Caped at 5 per days)
    • Sending a Challenge = +10 points
    • Winning a Challenge = +10 points
    • Successfully completing a Spark = +20 points
    • Successfully completing a Boost = Variable points
Hope this helps, Pascal

09-21-2020 08:24

what's the difference between engagement points and performance points?

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