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  • 1.  Connecting queues based on activity code

    Posted 09-26-2022 03:25

    Currently we do have a specific queue that during some specific hours should be scheduled for only a few specific agents. The solution today is to use an activity code and then for the agent to manually change which queue they are active on.

    I figured this would be a much smoother transition for the agent if the queue somehow could be connected to the activity code. So if they between 8AM-10AM are scheduled to be in the activity "Special group" then they would automatically also be assigned the correct queue instead of manually activating/deactivating queues. Or if there is any similar solution, it doesn't need to be connected to specifically Activity codes.

    I've been looking around to find an answer to this but really haven't found any. Trying to reach out here for some assistance in this.

    Fredrik Jansson
    Dustin AB

  • 2.  RE: Connecting queues based on activity code

    Posted 09-27-2022 10:44
    For sure worth an Idea. We are doing the same thing and manually moving agents when scheduled.

    Greg Barrett
    Outdoor Network LLC

  • 3.  RE: Connecting queues based on activity code

    Posted 09-27-2022 21:22
    Also interested in this idea of being able to schedule queue activation/deactivation (and even by skill or media type i.e. no emails before 8am or after 5pm).


  • 4.  RE: Connecting queues based on activity code

    Posted 09-28-2022 14:21
    Hi Fredrik, how are you?

    Have you already validated automation via architect with this option? you can manage the delivery using time intelligence, queue validity, opening and service, we have some projects in which the type of service is used Architect to make flow intelligence and it works a lot, I know that the ideal is to be native and Cloud , but the architect has huge project needs, but made to deliver the difference of our customers, a little documentation, and the architect below usage forms.

    #Architect/Routing #Architect #GenesysCloudCX

    I hope it's useful


    Rita Henllembart
    Coddera Software Ltda