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    Some agents are in calls with customers, while others are on Available or Busy and not doing anything with Genesys at the time besides simply being logged in. Most use the Salesforce embedded client. February 14th was the last time it occurred. We ...

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    March 24, 2024, please... ------------------------------ George Ganahl GCP, GCSME, ICCE, ICHD, etc. Senior Principal PS Consultant Genesys ------------------------------

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    Are the agents busy using the client when the logout happens? What client do they use? When is the last day and time it happened (and time zone)? ------------------------------ George Ganahl GCP, GCSME, ICCE, ICHD, etc. Senior Principal PS Consultant ...

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    Thanks Vaun and Breno. Due to it being a bit sporadic in the time and day, it's hard to capture browser logs. We have taken the advice and try to have people enable browser logging each afternoon in hopes of capturing the event at some point. Our ...

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    Do you happen to have screenshots of what this looks like in Salesforce embedded client? ------------------------------ Krystal Tilley Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina ------------------------------

  • New Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) Learning Paths are now live on the Beyond website! Click Here to discover more. We would also love to hear from you – which WEM Discipline are you most interested in? Resource Management, Quality Assurance ...

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    All, Thanks for the quick responses. Sounds like while Archy is a possible work-around to republish flows that leverage the common module, it still indeed requires a re-publish of any flow that uses a common module. I did up-vote the Idea for common ...

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    @ Krzysztof Zatorski Did you even find an answer to this? I'm also running into the exact same issue. ------------------------------ Garrett Gardner Meijer Great Lakes Limited Partnership ------------------------------

  • Thank you, that pointed me in the right way :) ------------------------------ Martin Schultz ------------------------------

  • Hello, We are having a requirement to hide agents statistics or to return 0 or null if the number of logged in agents in an agent group is below a threshold number. So what is the best way to achieve this on agent widget templates? #Unsure/Other ...

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