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    Welcome Announcement

    Welcome to the new Certification and Training Community!  This is a great resource for: Course announcements Finding relevant training or certification Peer to peer interaction Upcoming events and opportunities Q/A for training or certification ...

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  • Posted in: PureCloud

    There hasn't been any progress on this particular feature. There are various email enhancements that are in the ideas portal and you can vote for them, comment and watch progress there: https://purecloud.ideas.aha.io/ideas/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=email ...

  • Posted in: PureConnect

    Kleid, Interesting enough this attribute is missing from the Attribute_TR document on the help website. I'm looking at the 2018 R5 document so maybe Genesys removed the attribute between 2018 R2 and 2018 R5. I hope one of the Genesys employees can chime ...

  • Posted in: PureCloud

    @Lucie DeCristofaro ? ​ ------------------------------ George Ganahl CCXP, GCA Principal Program Manager Genesys ------------------------------

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    RE: Hold music

    Posted in: PureCloud

    The music while waiting in queue, yes (in the In-Queue Call flow). System hold music (which plays when someone places a call on hold), no. ------------------------------ George Ganahl CCXP, GCA Principal Program Manager Genesys -------------------- ...

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