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    If someone doesn't send one before Monday I can send you something then Brenda.  Usually the main sticking point is in getting the ANI formatted to match what format you're entering the ANIs into the data table.  What I usually do is format the ANI to ...

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    Hi Nathan - As Canyon suggested, this can be done using a Data Action ... We use a Data Action which checks the 'Routing Status' of Agents on a particular Queue; we sum the number of Agents in either IDLE, INTERACTING or COMMUNICATING status and if ...

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    I know this has to be fairly simple, but I guess my brain is on vacation this week! #ArchitectureandDesign ------------------------------ Brenda Wynne Alcon Vision LLC ------------------------------

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    Hello!  We also do not have access to this. But think it would be very helpful to our organization. Does anyone know how to get access to this or where to find it? ------------------------------ Addison Hild Athene ------------------------------

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    Our organization comprises of a number of business units and we are lucky to have a flexible workforce with agents who are trained to handle interactions from multiple business units. With this in mind we are in need of a method to quickly activate / ...

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    Concurrent calls

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    How can concurrent calls, at any level, be calculated? It's a setting in Trunk Configuration>General, so there must be a way to find a reference number. #Reporting/Analytics ------------------------------ John Codispoti Pfizer Inc. ------------ ...

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    Hi Nathan, this can be done by creating and calling a Genesys Cloud Custom Data Action that makes a request to one of the /api/v2/routing/queues/   endpoints. ------------------------------ Canyon Read Avtex Solutions, LLC -------------------------- ...

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    Hello Tony, Thanks for the response - I resolved this a long time ago. My question is kinda poorly worded and I was really focusing on if the _migrated versions of the params are used, and i have since proven out that they are not. ------------------------------ ...

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    You are correct that there is no requirement that SCIM and SSO integrations come from the same Identity Provider.  Most customers do take this approach for convenience/simplicity, but as long as the necessary information aligns across the 3 systems then ...

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    Has the Domain requirement been removed? We had to add a domain, and create the domain admin accounts to install the CIC and Media software. ------------------------------ Christopher Becker State of Michigan - Oakland County - WRC ----------------- ...

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