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  • Hello everyone, Thank you for a such fun event. I hope I was gracefully representing the ECSE region. Also, very glad that I'm sharing the stage with Robert, two veterans. If eligible, I would like to pick "Smart Sunglasses" from the Prize Wall. Thanks ...

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    Hi, any advice ?  regards ! ------------------------------ Agustín Gomes PlusNet Solutions, S.L. ------------------------------

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    Yes I am having an issues with the agents not appearing and some divisions are missing from the drop down when creating my first team ------------------------------ Stephen Doyle AXA Ireland Limited ------------------------------

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    Hi Sukhadeo, sounds like the user has not the right "Conference Calls" in User Configuration -> Security -> Button: "Security Rights" Regards, Hans-Gerd Sandhagen ------------------------------

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    The same, Also, I can't use the "work teams" in the Dashboard ------------------------------ Best regards, Yvgeni Liberman ITNAV-Pro Ltd. ------------------------------

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    Hi Todd If you set the priority for transfer calls to 10, that is basically treating transfer calls as if they have already waited 10 minutes when they join. So a normal call that has waited 11 minutes already will have a higher priority than a new transfer ...

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    Yes, I have the same issue. Not sure what's going on there. I have access to the Work Teams everywhere else within my organization. Thanks, Peter ------------------------------ Peter Stoltenberg Avtex Solutions, LLC ------------------------------

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    Hello, Do you have any information on how to bulk upload users into Work Teams, rather than this being a manual process? Will this, by chance be a new column in the csv import template? Additionally, I can't seem to find an API endpoint for work teams. ...

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    Is anyone else having an issue with the new Work Teams feature? I've assigned permissions, created a team, but can't assign them to queues or view team information in reports! #PlatformAdministration #Roadmap/NewFeatures ------------------------------ ...

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  • Matt I am trying to sign up for the Web Messaging Conversation Auto-Start Beta, but cannot find it.  I understood it was supposed to be available as of yesterday.  Perhaps I am not looking in the right location? ------------------------------ Martin ...

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