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  • Posted in: Certifications

    Welcome to the Genesys Certification Community. This community is designed for our customers, partners and end users to post any certification related questions and concerns. Our community of certification experts are monitoring this forum and all responses ...

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  • Posted in: PureConnect

    Good afternoon Community: We wanted to logon in Interaction Connect, using Google Chrome Version: 67.0.3396.99 (Build oficial) (64 bits), and IIS 10.0 in Windows Server 2016. We installed PureConnect 2018 R3 three days ago and configure this IIS for Interaction ...

  • Posted in: PureCloud

    If you tell them who the Admin is, they should only bill you for that one person for one org. In the other orgs they can make that admin a non-billable license and still have Master Admin access. We have several different PureCloud orgs and our "parent" ...

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