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    I cannot comment as to the exact reason this endpoint requires a user context, but should point out that when using the Developer Tools, or Postman, you are typically accessing with an Implicit Grant oAuth, which is a User context. I strongly recommend ...

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    We do this by having all emails start in a parking/holding queue, and then using in-queue email flows to run a schedule check and move inbound email from the holding queue to the normal daytime queue and then back into the holding queue at end of day. ...

  • Hi Marcello, Thanks for reporting this. We'll look into this and get back to you.  Thanks, ------------------------------ Nikhil Ponnam Principal Product Manager, Genesys Cloud CX ------------------------------

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    Hi All,   Along these same lines - If I export an onscreen view and the Full Export Completed column is YES and the Partial Result Timestamp column is EMPTY should I expect to see the same number of rows in the exported file as were displayed on screen ...

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    While I agree client credentials cannot be used for some APIs, curious to understand why this API /api/v2/analytics/conversations/{conversationId}/details is expecting user context. it works for me both in DA as well as in Postman so there might be an ...

  • Also, just to add more details on why this seems a bug related to the beta. This does not happen on the old version. It's possible to select the "Interactions" metric along with the "On Queue Agents" metric And this isn't possible on the beta. ...

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    hi I hope this feature matrix helps Cheers ------------------------------ Muhammad Zubair Awan ------------------------------

  • Hello Nikhil, how are you? I'm not sure if this is the place to ask about this, since I'm not even sure this is bug, but it seems to be. Our customer (with the beta enabled) is reporting an error when selecting some metrics together. I noticed that ...

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    Hi Ruud I recognize your name; were we in the same API class early Dec last year? I hope all is good in your world. I agree there is a lot more to learn than the course covered. Seems like you have changed the schema in the Request Body of Post API ...

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    Hi Manzoor, if you are looking for full extraction of all Genesys Cloud data, with conversation aggregates as well as conversation details and all its dimension data, fell free to reach out or contact us via appfoundry an checkout Slidy Data Mart for ...

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