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    If this is in the agent script, I would change the field type to a text field and not an input field. This would still display the data but make it so the agent is not able to change it at all/get rid of it etc. ------------------------------ Lawrence ...

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    Hello all, I have a bit of a weird one, We created a campaign in Salesforce, and linked it to Genesys with the Genesys cloud campaign settings etc. But it's not creating any contact list in Genesys. There is only around 1500 campaign members ...

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    That was fun Matt and Nicole. Was also great catching up with Anton in a different capacity. Most definitely need this to be a regular thing and hopefully we can get more of our fellow kiwis on board :) ------------------------------ Vaun McCarthy ...

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    RE: Call Trends

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    @Katie Dodge and @Robert Wakefield-Carl if you pull it into Power BI or Tableau, you can check that box to "Generate Static Link" and work with the BI tool administrator to set it up as an automatic data source. This feature was recently released, ...

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    Yes, similar Robert Robert Wakefield-Carl Sr. Director – Innovation Architects Robert.WC@ttecdigital.com T: 949-268-5104 C: 310-350-2010 Teams: robert.wc@ttecdigital.com ...

  • will you live broadcast online as well? ------------------------------ Annica Luo Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

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    Thanks Robert, so similar to what can already be displayed via the Salesforce managed package integration? ------------------------------ Vaun McCarthy ------------------------------

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    In the Outbound agent script when a record pop-up to the agent, the agent could update the table columns. Is there any option to restrict them from updating the column or modifying it? basically, stop the agent to cross this out the information. Any advice, ...

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    Sorry may just be in how I'm reading this Nicholas. There is another idea out there that would allow a supervisor to view in real-time the agent's screen whether they're on a call or other media type. So like screen recording but would be viewable ...

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    I'm not sure if I follow .." Will that allow monitoring though during a live monitoring/coaching session?" Just so I'm clear are you asking will the user be able to monitor ...for example an active web message, or SMS and an email at the same time? ...

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