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    I am comparing the between the Softphone & the WebRTC From bandwidth perspective which is lighter ? Whether Softphone or WebRTC which consumes less bandwidth ? Is there any reference document regarding this ? ------------------------------ Rajeev ...

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    Many Thanks , Managed to do it yesterday via common module Inputs :) ------------------------------ Neha Bagla British Telecommunications PLC ------------------------------

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    I can see the ability to send images in the Web Messaging API but nothing on things like Quick Replies or other rich media.  I understand Quick Replies may be in Beta now, I have beta access to Web Messaging, does something else need to be turned on? ...

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    The Update priority api is already available Works fine, only limitation is other API calls are not updated so if you use another API to check the Priority it will show the old priority, but it does update it. ------------------------------ Anton ...

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    Hi Neha Just pass Call.ani as an input to the common module flow. I do this for our callbacks, using the same module in all the In Queue flows, passing the call.ani, queue etc as inputs. ------------------------------ Anton Vroon KiwiBank --------- ...

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    117 ------------------------------ Russell Dickson KiwiBank ------------------------------

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    We are in the process of evaluating new headsets, and I would like to know if controls like answer and hang up are available with the Genesys soft phone. If it matters, we are on 2021 R1. #SIP/VolP ------------------------------ Nathan Timberlake Georgia ...

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    Update - 08.02.21 Wave 1 BETA participants will be contacted the week of 8.9.2021 with more information. ------------------------------ DAVID VANMILLIGAN Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

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    RE: Log Lion licencing

    Posted in: PureConnect

    That makes sense Scott. It's been years since I installed it but I don't remember having to do anything special. I passed this on to my help desk. Thanks! Tony Curoso Senior Operations Engineer ATI - Connect ...

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    Hi Taras, Thanks for your feedback, I'm not talking about contact list (Outbound campaing)  What I need, is just possibility to retrieve the external contact ID that we have set through CSV import. I hope it is clear for you. Thank you ------------------------------ ...

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