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  • Posted in: Genesys Cloud

    Hello Vaun, Thank you for the response. I have not tried this idea, but from your response as well as my experience, I think I will be going back to same initial issue because of search permission; However, I think your idea might work if I can hide ...

  • Posted in: Genesys Cloud

    Thank you for the feedback, Will. ------------------------------ Ali Aljohani Hadef Information Technology Co. ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Genesys Cloud

    I wonder what would happen if you removed the permission to search for queues, but instead put the transfer function into buttons in a script with a drop down of the queues relevant to their division?  Guessing though that will break some of the performance ...

  • Posted in: PureConnect

    Hello everyone,  Is there any option available in interaction designer to use AES encryption ? #AskMeAnything(AMA) ------------------------------ Regards, Subhash Srivastava ------------------------------

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    Poly Headsets

    Posted in: PureConnect

    Does anyone have experience with Poly (formerly Plantronics) headsets? We're looking at a few options, curious if there's any feedback around compatibility, quality, suitability for work from home etc... Considering these models: W700 CS500 W400 Any ...

  • Posted in: Genesys Cloud

    This idea has been accepted but you can't currently restrict which queues agents can see/transfer to https://genesyscloud.ideas.aha.io/ideas/CLPLA-I-955 ------------------------------ Will Bellerby Pyrios NZ Ltd ------------------------------

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  • Posted in: PureConnect

    Hi Sean, To do this first you need to create client button on Interaction Administrator under People - Client Buttons. Afterwards you should check the handler which its name like "ClientButtonPressed" , because this handler is called by the buttons ...

  • Posted in: Genesys Cloud

    Dears, How can I prevent agents to transfer calls to other division? I have two divisions in which each has agents and queues; however, the agents from one can transfer to other!. Please any advise or idea would be appreciated. Best regards, #PlatformAdministration ...

  • Posted in: Genesys Cloud

    It would be worthwhile checking the ideas portal to see if this already exists as a suggestion there.  If it does not, please create one and include some information on what an integration to ADP would be expected to accomplish: is it just to log agent's ...

  • Posted in: PureConnect

    Kristen, There is a view in the database titled 'EE_TransferEvents_Viw​. As Trent noted, you need to enable data reporting to this table with 'Track Reporting Exceptions' Contained in that view are among other things: SourceQueueName SourceUserName ...

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