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    Hi Julie I have made handler-solutions exactly like what you describe, re-sorting/re-prioritising email-interactions inplace within a queue, for example based on the underlying email actual received/sent timestamp. I've been working with CIC/PureConnect ...

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    Hi Bert, I'll check out postman, thanks for that.  And yes, i'm logging into the Sydney area. I've gone through the login process and got myself a token before I called the API, just via a curl: curl -d "grant_type=client_credentials" -H "Host: login.mypurecloud.com.au" ...

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  • Thanks Cameron, can't wait! Plus will save storage space :) ------------------------------ AnthonyGuidosteen City of Gold Coast ------------------------------

  • We can say the early work for this feature is underway Anthony, no delivery date just yet but wanted to keep you updated on progress.  Cheers ------------------------------ Cameron Smith VP, Product Management - Workforce Engagement Management ---- ...

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  • We love the idea of topic trends and can't wait to start using it! Our issue is our IVR and messages on hold are included in the topic trends currently so they change the data. Once the roadmap item is delivered to not record the call from very start ...

  • Our office party is coffee and cake we might have to step it up next time for the next big feature!! ------------------------------ AnthonyGuidosteen City of Gold Coast ------------------------------

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  • Topics Trend Views!!!  I am so glad to see something new available for Topics and had no idea about this until I watched the Top 5 video. I remain hopeful for some other voted ideas for Topics find their way to being a New Feature soon as well!   I am ...

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    We have a manual outbound dialing group.   They are going to call on behalf of the queue.  we are looking to remove the calls icon on the left hand side so to avoid confusion on what icon to use (we want them to use interactions).  i haven't found a way ...

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    So, based on previous communications in this forum, it appears the direction for chatting with customer is to use the Messenger channel.   Couple quick questions: 1.  I understand the persistence, but is there any thought/way to have agent disconnect ...

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  • We are lucky to have you, Rafael! And....I'm dying to know where to get that ice cream sundae! Yummy :) ------------------------------ Shannon Blackwell Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

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