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  • Thanks to all interested beta participants! You will find some screenshots of the Data Table updated user interface below. The beta has now started, and organizations are progressively enabled. We look forward to hearing your feedback! Data Table ...

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    Hi Lewis, You'll need to adjust the expression since in that case any hour between 0-15 can still have minutes higher than 30 and return false. It would be something like this (Hour(GetCurrentDateTimeUtc()) < 15) OR (Hour(GetCurrentDateTimeUtc()) ...

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    I second the suggestion of using a Schedule or Schedule Group. The problem with Melissa's suggestion is that it won't account for Daylight Savings, meaning you will have to go in and edit the expression twice a year! HTH ------------------------------ ...

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    Hi Juan, The "communicationId" is the "id" that is inside the "calls" attribute that is inside the participant with "External" purpose of the API call /api/v2/conversations/{conversationId}. Test this. Att, ------------------------------ Breno ...

  • So close! Congratulations to @Sascha Gagalon ------------------------------ Amy Sessions City of Clearwater - Cutomer Service Manager ------------------------------

  • Hey Everyone, Don't let it be said that bonus points can't make a difference! In this case, both of our second-place finishers hit that achievement thanks to bonus points, passing up four contestants in the process. So let's start by giving a round ...

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    Hunter...you just blew my mind! And it would have made a great image. ------------------------------ Matt Lawson Genesys - Employees Online Community Manager ------------------------------

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    I'm sorry, i dont understand what you mean when you say '...or just offer suggestions for Intents you have built. Run the intent into a task and the route back to a different task for the menu when done. Don't keep going back to the menu at the top. ...

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    A device that can record images of your dreams. ------------------------------ Hunter Baker General Motors Financial Company, Inc. ------------------------------

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    Hello I'm trying to use this API /api/v2/speechandtextanalytics/conversations/{conversationId}/communications/{communicationId}/transcripturl to get the chat transcription but I can't identify the communication ID. Do you know where I can get or ...

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