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    is there an API to search through sentiments and topics . just like /api/v2/speechandtextanalytics/transcripts/search does for transcript messages ------------------------------ Michael Oldham Telstra Corporation Ltd ------------------------------

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    Thanks for all the comments and suggestions! ------------------------------ Nathan Washam JACK HENRY & ASSOCIATES, INC. ------------------------------

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    Totally valid, Hichem.   I was really just pointing out what I've seen other due.  Agree the in-queue flow will meet your use case! ------------------------------ Chris Bohlin Product Manager - PureCloud ------------------------------

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    Hello Jessica, I cant find standard GC Call Details report for the whole Queue. But you can try to use GC API and build own reporting. We already implemented solution for extracting GC Raw Data in csv format for integration with multiple BI platforms. ...

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    Don, Thank you!  BTW, that customer you mentioned may have been my team. I will dissect the API to make sure it contains everything we may need. The first few I looked at were views and they won't work for us as we want the raw data not aggregated or ...

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    hi folks,  I'm looking at a webchat implementation where there is a specific schedule involved (e.g. chat is open 8am until 10pm) I appreciate that the V1 and V1.1 widgets have this schedule feature, but I am keen to use the V2 widget for mobile optimization ...

  • ​In many of the Genesys installations packages, there is a silent_install.ini file.  And it mentions you can use the 'xpassword=' field to enter an encrypted password. [ConfigServer] Host=<Host name> Port=<Port number> User=<User name> ; Password of ...

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    Hi Carlos, Very interesting scenario. I'm not sure if GC have such feature. But it is possible to implement custom script or GUI integration based on Angular/React. For outbound conversation: 1. Agent open script or GUI integration. 2. Agent type ...

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    Hello all, We are trying to create a custom softphone using workspace client java api. We are successfully received authorization JWT token. When we try to initiate the workspace object we are receiving following error com.genesys.workspace.common.WorkspaceApiException: ...

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    RE: Callback

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    Hello I'm curious to know if this has been addressed by Genesys or if anyone has come up with a way to either have the system 'Begin' the callback rather than have the agent do it or enforce some kind of timeout to Begin & End a callback interaction. ...

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