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    Hey Everyone, What questions/topics would you like to see discussed in an upcoming episode of the PureCloud Community Q&A Show?  If you are unfamiliar with the show, you can view our entire backlog here:  https://community.genesys.com/search?s=tags%3A%22PureCloud%20QA%20Episode%22&executesearch=true ...

  • Posted in: PureConnect

    Good day, I would like to know if changing the service level target for a report affects historical data as well or just new calls after the change? thanks in advance. #Reporting/Analytics ------------------------------ Tshepang Mphakane Pivotal ...

  • Posted in: PureCloud

    raised a similar issue about 10 days ago identifying that the view was possessed (best description to provide) but to do with Agent performance view, so not sure if it falls in the same bucket. Been advised that there is a fix awaiting to be deployed. ...

  • Posted in: PureCloud

    No haven't heard anything yet besides an auto response advising my ticket would close if i didnt respond to my own response - lol I have provided support with some examples even heard a call recently where the the customer said hello twice before it determined ...

  • Posted in: PureCloud

    Yup! That's my hair :) ------------------------------ Kymberli O'Hagan Alberta Motor Association ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Latitude

    Thanks so much Kevin. I will give this a try and update the post with my findings. I really appreciate the detail. John Everman (913) 302-9615 (sent from my phone) ------Original Message------ Hi John,     Hope you are doing well. I was ...

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