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  • You will need to contact SF to get it enabled if you dont already have. One of our test accounts had it enabled and i had it working however, so many questions :) ------------------------------ Anish ------------------------------

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    Way, way back, Dr. Don Brown's friends in college called him "Nardo" because a newspaperman called him a modern Leonardo da Vinci. Maybe that's what we could call the badge as an homages to the man who built the team to create Genesys Cloud…. ------------------------------ ...

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    "good news" ��

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    Support ticket raised and, to put it politely, a very disappointing response. " this is now expected behavior due to a change that was made for troubleshooting issues with these integrated Apps" When I have pointed out that Timeline is a reporting ...

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    Hi Vaun McCarthy, I really appreciate the help, I had been told that I could do it that way through a table, I just don't have much knowledge about how to storeNar data, I will have to read a little more. Te doy las gracias Mejores ...

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    We are pulling Fax out with the help of Genesys cloud API. We enabled HIPPA and after that Genesys is not returning Tokens. Please let me know If someone faced similar issue. #Integrations ------------------------------ Shiva ------------ ...

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    Hi Angel I've achieved this by way of having the flow collect input rather than listen for extension. Then you can take that input, and do a couple of things: Look up a data table for that # and then based on additional logic and field values ...

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    We are looking to see if a trigger could be used for the following: At the end of a call we send the caller to a 3rd party survey vendor. Once the caller has completed the survey the 3rd party updates the attributes of the interaction. I have ...

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    Hello, If we send an SMS to a customer and they reply STOP, is there a way to capture this preference through the API (or other means) so that we can update our records and make sure we do not send them SMS through other means? Thank you. #DigitalChannels ...

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    Totally agree @Anton Vroon - Thanks for reminding me of that trick (as well as the reminder that I should stop procrastinating and go back to update each of my Initial Values accordingly, haha). ------------------------------ Brian T. Jones | Ascension ...

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