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    Hi, Question on Routing of Salesforce Emails: Requirement -  We will be creating a Email interaction in Genesys when ever a case get created in salesforce. Queue, Skill and Priority details will be passed to Genesys Inbound Email flow from Salesforce ...

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    HI Cynthia, The Queue Summary Report will only let you know how many callback interactions entered the queue and now many were picked up "Answered" by an agent. It will not show you the result of the call back( Success/Failed). To see the results of ...

  • Use-Cases : Perform Genesys Cloud – Salesforce integration to have Salesforce as Identity Provider. Login to Genesys Cloud using Salesforce through Single Sign-On feature. Key Steps: Enable Salesforce as the Identity Provider Get Information ...

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    I have been trying to get a straight answer on this as well. ------------------------------ Christopher Kelly CITRIX SYSTEMS ------------------------------

  • Hi Sanjana!  Thanks so  much for your quick response and the good news! I'd love to go over the features in your upcoming release.  Just share some windows for your availability and we'll go from there. Beth ------------------------------ Beth O'Laughlin ...

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    Hi Prem can you confirm that customers that purchased perpetual licences and continue to pay support for Marquee are now expected to pay again for Insights?    Tarquin Bell ------------------------------ Tarquin Bell Precision Administration Services ...

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    Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to apply some limitations to interaction transfers. The goal is to limit a group of to transfers interactions to only certain people/queues. I am thinking about using divisions but wondering if there is another ...

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    When customers are requesting a chat, we are passing attributes from our website into our CRM platform via Genesys, and we are trying to make one attribute available for the agents in Genesys because they do not have access to our CRM platform. I wanted ...

  • Hi Beth, Thank you for your question and your continued interest in Genesys Cloud.  The good news is that some of the features that you have highlighted will be available In the Q4 rollout. Admins will have the ability to set limits and configure plans ...

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    No problem I imagine it would, in the same way that an inbound call that abandons, has no agent, but is still a conversation as far as Genesys is concerned. ------------------------------ Anton Vroon KiwiBank ------------------------------

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