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  • Posted in: Genesys Cloud

    A customer we are currently working with introduced us to a key stakeholder representing multiple lines of business, and she has no idea of what Genesys is. In describing Genesys Cloud to her, it occurred to me that what we offer is very much like a Swiss ...

  • Posted in: PureConnect

    Hi, I do not think there is an easy way, especially with large size of database and only want to keep few years worth of data.  We have contacted Genesys Support as well but no real solution but only theory. We ended up with building a brand new database ...

  • Hello Anandapriyan, GI2 is being replaced with a new historical reporting product, Genesys Customer Experience Insights (Genesys CX Insights or GCXI). Product Management shared the following migration guidelines. If you find this information useful, ...

  • We did that using a performance test based on JMeter and measuring time at the customer endpoint. Best regards ------------------------------ Giuliano Ferri Indra Italia spa ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Genesys Cloud

    Hi, we are trying to implement a 21 day cool off period before calling a contact again. We have a service that handles the importing & removal of contacts based off some criteria in our CRM however this only works for contacts that we know the wrap ...

  • Posted in: Genesys Cloud

    Hi Mario,  I am waiting to hear from you soon.  I am hoping the project zip file and the recording of our session with Jim help you to understand the nature of the integration require.  I have already sent a few emails, but have not heard from you.  Please ...

  • Hi Andrew, As far as I know, basically, there are two ways to communicate external switch with Genesys SIPServer in terms of HA: 1) "Legacy" architecture. When you have primary/backup SIPServer. In this case you should configure IP_Takeover feature ...

  • Posted in: PureConnect

    Stavros, I recommend you contact Genesys Support and open a ticket for this issue - especially if it is urgent. You pay for support, make them earn their money! ;-) ------------------------------ Paul Simpson Senior Technical Instructor ---------- ...

  • Posted in: Genesys Cloud

    Well, since I needed a quick confirmation, I opened a case with Care. Gage Decker from Genesys checked with Dev and the answer was: It shouldn't be an issue since it is sending and the TXT is used to verify the sending service belongs to the customer ...

  • Try to search "Agg.Beat" within gim log. Version is printed when aggregation job starts and finishes 2020-10-17 18:15:01,601 INFO Agg.Beat 25000 Pulse: 2020/10/17, GMT, 145.5M, ------------------------------ Evgenii Dremin Deutsche Telekom ...

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