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  • It's official: we're twenty years into the new millennium. And as we enter the new "roaring 20's", we've already started to see changes take hold-especially in the workplace. This applies doubly for the contact center floor, where a rising need to provide ...

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    Join Community Manager Matt and Becky Powell as they discuss burning questions from the Genesys Cloud Community. This week's questions include: Show and Tell (Walkthrough): - Generic SSO Configuration Expert Picks (Questions from the Community): ...

  • Woohoo, the community shell is here, my friends! ------------------------------ Cole Callahan Genesys - Employees Online Community Coordinator ------------------------------

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    Hi, Just checked on two customers and found the same issue you're describing. We are in Argentina and Genesys Cloud instances created in US East zone. Hope this helps. Regards! ------------------------------ Jorge Marcelo Negri Senior Project Consultant ...

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    An update did not remove Scripter permissions from the Master Admin role. You should look at that role under  Roles / Permissions to see if perhaps someone removed the Scripter permissions. Also look at the browser Console and Network logs to see if ...

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    Hello, In this case, have you added the Script Designer Role as @George Ganahl mentioned before ? Regards, ​ ------------------------------ Charaf Eddine Chemlal NTT France ------------------------------

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