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    RE: Inbound Email

    Posted in: Genesys Cloud

    Hi Edwin, yes, Create two domains one for the customer (@customer.com) and use it for outbound (TXT) and another one for (@customer.purecloud.com) and use it as inbound, no need from MX record at this point. make a rule in the mail server to forward ...

  • Posted in: Genesys Cloud

    Hi Richard, many thanks for your reply. Sure, it is possible to select the correct DNC list from the Salesforce side. I'm missing the possibility to select the correct attempt control from the Salesforce side. If I set up a campaign in Salesforce i ...

  • Hi All, Thanks for the clarification. Cheers Regards, Sreekand ------------------------------ Sreekand Muthukrishnan Conn3ct ------------------------------

  • Posted in: PureConnect

    I currently have a PureConnect inbound Attendant IVR with an option that sends callers over to a Twilio voice bot via PSTN. Once the caller finishes with the chat bot, there is an option within Twilio to send the caller back over to the PureConnect IVR ...

  • Posted in: Genesys Cloud

    Just another tip...you cannot create a conference call directly from a queue call. The agent has to initiate a Consult Transfer to the supervisor, then add the customer to the Consult. The agent can disconnect the supervisor side when done with the supervisor's ...

  • Posted in: Genesys Cloud

    Excellent suggestion...thank you...one way of convincing the client and agree as the agent will have better control of the call... ------------------------------ Roger Medina Trends and Technologies Inc ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Latitude

    Hey Mike, thanks for the quick response. I do have some coding setup to pull accounts that belong to a customer group and then determine which individual customer ID an account aught to map to. It looks like I had overlooked actually selecting the option ...

  • Posted in: Latitude

    Figured it out. I had a field I mapped from the import file to the Master.Customer field, but I still had the customer set to be provided on import ("prompt") instead of "Use From File". Once I selected the right radio button, it picked up my customer ...

  • Posted in: Latitude

    Hi Kevin, Do you have any coding setup for the customer field in Exchange to do some type of lookup based on that value such as linking it to the alpha code on the customer table? Thanks ------------------------------ Mike Spiegel TEC Services Group, ...

  • Posted in: Genesys Cloud

    Just implemented last week so forgive the basic question here. I was every excited to see the "schedule coaching" button added to the interaction tab.  I was then quickly disappointed to learn that it doesn't actually tie with the WFM schedule etc. ...

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