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  • 1.  WebRTC Agent Leg question

    Posted 06-16-2022 15:38
    Hello Community,

    i would like to know if anybody ran into issues with log collection for failed voice interactions with webRTC(Genesys cloud voice) and workarounds or tools you have used.

    The way i understood media flows is you have two legs agent leg and the external leg(callers leg): Agent(udp port)<-->(udp port)Edge(udp port)<-->(udp port)Carrier(ext caller).

    It appears when Genesys support collects  media capture logs or edge logs for specific interactions, they cannot exactly tell what customers IP the media is being sent to.

    It is always going to be private ip that starts with 10.87.X.X for the Agent Leg. This is INTERNAL to Genesys and NOT the customers private IP.

    So the only other way to see what public ip  for the agent leg is using tools like chrome://webrtc-internals/.

    This seems very odd and i dont understand why Genesys cannot tell us what the customers IPs are for media/rtp/signaling based on the captures. 

    Does anybody know what that 10.87 exactly is and whats the best way to get an agent leg IP info? This is crucial info especially when it comes to troubleshooting network/firewall related issues.

    I have confirmed 10.87.X.X shows up for all Genesys cloud voice and BYOC traffic as well.


    Azamat Rustamov


  • 2.  RE: WebRTC Agent Leg question

    Posted 06-17-2022 07:01
    Hi Azamat,

    The highlighted address seems to be the private IP of your Edge interface.

    You might need a network capture to troubleshoot this issue.

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