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Genesys Cloud Coaching: Walk through 

06-15-2020 05:46


On May 27 we release the first of part of our Genesys Cloud Coaching feature. This enables Quality Manager/Supervisors to create Coaching Appointment with Agents to help bridge gaps in knowledge or performance. The Coaching Appointment can include the Interactions where the Coaching requirement was identified as well as supporting documentation to assist the Agents development and face-to-face Coaching session.

This video will walk you through how Coaching is used from both the Quality Manager /Supervisor and Agents view.
For more information, please refer to the  Coaching with quality management overview page

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09-02-2020 06:49

Thanks @Barbora Malkovska

we are currently working on an enhancement that will enable just this. On the Interaction Details page, you'll have the option to create a new Coaching Appointment or to Add the interaction to an existing Appointment.​

The flow we see this taking for the Team Leader / Quality Manager is that the first Interaction to be reviewed is used to create a new Coaching Appointment for the new review period. Then the following reviewed Interactions can be added to the Original Coaching Appointment. 

08-17-2020 11:15

thank you for sharing this link :-) 
It looks very nice. However, from Supervisor perspective - we have usually like ten interactions to be discussed during one coaching. I hoped there is feature or will be that Team leader can create Coaching session and then add other interactions to this more automatically. Like at second interaction evaluation you can select if to add that interaction to existing coaching session or you want to create new one. This would be great and not needed manually find interaction links and add it there. They will throw it back on me :-D Thanks, bara

08-11-2020 20:48

Hi Paul, 

I agree with your feedback and have raised this as an idea - CLWFO-I-408.

06-18-2020 06:07

Hi, Paul,

Thanks for sharing. This is a useful feature instead.

Found that adding new notes, will not alert the other party(supervisor or agent). Besides notes, all the other changes on the appointment, an alert will send out.

Also, once the appointment set to completed, it does not have any way to track it. I hope this can be improved.

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