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Genesys Community Certification Giveaway, A Community's Evolution, and Embedding Code in Posts (Monthly Newsletter - Nov 2018) 

11-29-2018 19:11

Want another chance for a free PureCloud or PureEngage Certification Exam, just in time for the holidays? No need to casually drop hints to your budget team or draft a letter for the North Pole, it's as simple as clicking "join". More details on that follow, but first, a few quick updates about some new community additions just in time for the new year.

  • New and Improved Certification and Training Community
  • New Contest Certification Giveaway
  • New Feature Embedding Code Into Discussion Posts

 *NEW and IMPROVED * Certification and Training Community

The Certification Community is rebranding itself as the Certification and Training Community. What does this mean for you?

  • Same Community If you are currently a member of the Certification Community, you are already a member of the evolved Certification and Training Community, so no action is required by you to start engaging. This is the same community you have come to love.
    • If you are NOT a member of the Certification Community, I encourage you to visit the site and click the "Join Community" button. Don't forget to subscribe to the Personalized Digest so that you can easily follow new Discussions.
  • More Support We are adding additional Moderator Support and Experts from Genesys University who can apply their knowledge to any questions you may have about our training or certification offerings across all product lines. They are here to help you navigate your educational path with Genesys and you can help them by sharing what's on your mind.
  • More Topics We've had a few community members ask if training questions are appropriate for the Certification Community. The answer is now enthusiastically, YES! So don't hold back. 
  • None! The Certification Community and its manager Nigel have been a great addition to our site since it launched over the summer and nothing is changing. Things are only getting better. 
To celebrate this relaunch, we are having another Certification Exam Giveaway! 

*NEW CONTEST* Certification Giveaway

Similar to last time, one lucky winner will receive the chance to take a PureCloud or PureEngage Exam of their choice for FREE! The winner will be drawn from the new Certification and Training Community's Members list (so this drawing is applicable to both current and new members). The deadline to enter is noon EST on Friday, December 28th.

If you are not a member of the community, entering is as simple as visiting the Certification and Training Community and clicking "Join Community". 

I look forward to seeing what questions you come up with for our moderators and I'll see you in the forums! 

*NEW FEATURE*  Embedding Code Into Discussion Posts

For those of you dabbling in the technical side of Genesys' software, it might be worth noting that you can now embed code into discussion posts. To use this feature, all you have to do is start a discussion post and then select the {;} symbol

Doing so will create a popup window for you to select your preferred coding language and add your code sample.

Don't be afraid to get creative with this new feature.  

News that's Noteworthy

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What do you think of these updates? Any ideas or thoughts on the community? The easiest way to share your feedback is to reply to this email or message me in the community and please feel free to connect with me if you haven't already.


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