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    ICCE Exam

    I am looking into getting my ICCE cert and i see that i need to pass CIC Core Exam and the ICCE Exam. I took and passed the ICCS exam and the Objectives on the 2 exams seem to be the same, so why isn't the ICCS exam allowed in the ICCE track? Thank you, ...

  • Hi Wojciech ,  you will still be able to take up the Genesys Certified Associate Exam (GCA) based on information from the Free training.  please find the  link as follows for the study guide of the GCA Exam.  GCA PureCloud Study Guide   ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi Fabrice, Only Genesys Certified Associate - PureCloud Exam and Genesys Certified Pre Sales Exam  are Open Book. All other exams are proctored.  Access to google translate as well as any test aids are not allowed in any exam.  Thanks, Gayathri Rajan ...

  • Hi Ann, We are in the process of developing brand new instructor-led training throughout 2019. There will be different learning paths for different roles. The free training that is currently available online is really a base level of knowledge. The instructor-led ...

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  • Hi @Andrew Bissett , Kindly look into our Genesys University Portal , where you find the entire Course Catalog and Certifications with the inclusion of Price details. Thanks, Gayathri Rajan ------------------------------ Gayathri Rajan Genesys - ...

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    Free CX Training Webinar

    We know that improved results in key KPIs like Close Rate and NPS are invaluable to your company, and that leading the charge on attaining those Rockstar results are invaluable to you and your career. That's why Genesys University has recently released ...

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  • Genesys University is excited to announce two new PureEngage courses for Callback 8.5 premise: Callback Foundation   8.5 (1 day) and   Callback Administration   8.5 (3 days). Foundation is a pre-requisite to Administration. These are Instructor-led ...

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  • @Daniel Martinez , Your valid certifications will show up in our badging vendor's site www.youracclaim.com. You should have received badges for all your existing valid certifications by now. If you did not receive a badge, please check if your certifications ...

  • Chetan, Thanks for your question. We compare our pricing with other industry leaders on a regular basis. Our PureCloud-GCA and PureConnect exams are $200US list pricing which is very reasonable compared to the industry. Our PureEngage exams are $500US ...

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  • Hi Juan, Genesys Certified SIP Server 8 Consultant (GCP8-SIP) Exam Guide was already uploaded in community library. Link to the Guide in Community is shared below: https://community.genesys.com/viewdocument/genesys-certified-sip-server-8-cons?CommunityKey=e2dd9cd4-4d04-40dd-9794-2d625061effb&tab=librarydocuments ...

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