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- Education Special -

In this Education Special, Manager Matt meets with Jeff and Sheela to walkthrough Genesys' Beyond training site and certification program
! There might just be a Certification Exam giveaway, so make sure to watch it through! 👀

- Topics Discussed in Episode

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  • In this episode, Community Manager Matt meets with Jeff Ritter and Sheela Sridharan to discuss Genesys'  Beyond training site  and certification program!  Make sure to watch the full episode to learn how to win a free Genesys certification exam ! ...

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  • Hi all,   COVID-19 has had a severe impact on our personal and professional lives. Genesys is committed to protecting your health and safety during these tough times.   Kryterion, our testing partner, has closed about 30% of its global testing ...

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  • Hey Vincent, Our Sales team will connect with you in 2-3 business days on this. ------------------------------ Sheela Sridharan Program Manager - Certifications Genesys University ------------------------------

  • Hey @Krishnakumar S ,  You can email CustomerCare@Genesys.com with any questions that you have about resource access and they can help you setup accounts. Thanks, Matt​ ------------------------------ Matt Lawson Genesys - Employees Online Community ...

  • Hi Sravan, GCA - PureEngage - Cloud Administrator 8  Certification is for PureEngage Cloud Course.  It is currently on the Retired phase as t he PureEngage Cloud training courses are being updated, and hence the certification is temporarily unavailable. ...

  • for example.. https://www.youracclaim.com/badges/45bd412f-541e-4e49-95a4-41f7106afa49 ------------------------------ Rodrigo Hernandez ------------------------------

  • done! ------------------------------ Rodrigo Hernandez ------------------------------

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  • Steven, Message me with your contact information. I can have one of our account managers contact you to discuss PureCloud consulting. We've got plenty of experience with some very complex PureCloud configurations.  Greg Beal ConvergeOne 317-876-6564 ...

  • Hi Glenn, Here is the link to the new ebook portal. If you face any issues in accessing the ebooks, please send an email to education@genesys.com. Our support team will work on restoring your access. https://beyond.genesys.com/explore/home Please ...

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  • Hi Christine, It is not mandatory to retake the courses. You can straightly appear for the exam to renew your certification validity. Thanks, Gayathri Rajan Certification Lead Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

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