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  • Thanks  Guys. ------------------------------ Mohanad Agha Fourth Dimension Systems ------------------------------

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    I'd love to get this free! #PureConnect ------------------------------ Mark Oleksik ------------------------------

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    Romain, You should have been contacted by your rep for us to get follow up information, but I would still like to answer your question All comments are reviewed by our exam review boards and they decide if the question warrants being changed based on ...

  • Please also take a look at this link from our certification community library. It contains links to all the source content for the PureCloud Exam https://community.genesys.com/viewdocument/genesys-certified-associate-purec?CommunityKey=e2dd9cd4-4d04-40dd-9794-2d625061effb&tab=librarydocuments ...

  • Aron, Thanks for the question, I am sure many people have the same question.  If you have recently written a certification exam, you will receive an online badge from youracclaim.com When you accept the badge, the business card art is available after ...

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