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  • Thanks Paul :) ------------------------------ Caitlyn Petrousek eFinancial, LLC ------------------------------

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    RE: GCX-GCP Exam

    @Ashwath Pranav Karthikeyan , Just a point of clarification. It wasn't me that was suggesting the use of "off brand" materials. I am well aware of the need to consult the official materials for up to date information when preparing for the exam. ------------------------------ ...

  • Sorry, hit the "Post" button too fast... Although there isn't an option to Print the eBooks, I could definitely recommend you the GCP Certification Preparation Workshop available at Beyond - https://beyond.genesys.com/explore/course/certification-preparation-for-the-genesys-cloud-cx-professional-certification-exam ...

  • Beyond has released a new course on Empathy Analysis which i nvolves evaluating an agent's emotional intelligence and ability to empathize with customers during interactions. This course is part of the Quality Assurance and Compliance learning ...

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  • Hi Leonell, By "enough", do you mean if the Architect course is enough to get you prepared for its Certification exam? Normally, for the specialist path, as an instructor, I normally recommend, in addition to the Architect course, that the person ...

  • Hi Clayton, our sincere apologies we didn't reach out to you on time to get this resolved. For any questions related to your Learning Subscription, we encourage you to use our Support e-mail - beyond@genesys.com If you need any help getting enrolled ...

  • Hi Ilyas and Antoni. Our sincere apologies for this gap in the communication with you. I will ask a sales rep to contact you both urgently. ------------------------------ Rafael Marciano BELISRCIANO Genesys - Employees --------------------------- ...

  • Hello Jeff. I got to speak with Alison. She advised ma bout the price and now I'm waiting for the payment link to be generated. She told me it would take 1-2 days so I will be waiting today and tomorrow for it. Really excited about this learning experience. ...

  • I also see just now they have this banner at the top of the page: ------------------------------ Vaun McCarthy ------------------------------

  • I am checking " Study materials course wise notes, materials but it's not user friendly. can someone provide guidance to pass fundamental external certification learning for contact center certification for developer. ------------------------------ ...

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