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  • Aron Parker – May 2022 Aron Parker is our featured  Instructor of the Month  for May! Aron joined Genesys on January 1, 2006. Back then, there was only what is now called Genesys Multicloud CX (or Engage). Because he started with Engage, he concentrated ...

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  • Joe Cotelo is our featured  Instructor of the Month  for April!   Joe joined Genesys in March 2008 with his career in training starting just before the turn of the century (he states that sounds really old 😊). After years as an engineer with call ...

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  • Any idea how long to allocate to complete all three learning modules and exams?  Rough guess? ------------------------------ Robert Yousey Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

  • seem that the practice test does not able to keep up with the new billing ..  ------------------------------ Alex Goh Intel de Costa Rica ------------------------------

  • Anne Marie Groleas is our featured  Instructor of the Month for March! Anne Marie has worked at Genesys since 2003 as a trainer. She started as a contractor for 3 years before being hired in 2006. She is one our Beyond's Master Instructors. Anne ...

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  • Hey Everyone, We are kicking  March Madness  off with a bang In the  Genesys Casual Community . Full details can be found there, but this is the first year that we are hosting  NCAA College Basketball brackets . And this is your unofficial ...

  • This issue is mostly resolved, but I may need to activate (or reactivate) your account, so pease follow the directions on the screen after you try signing in. If anyone has a good gif or meme for this moment, I'm all for a recommendation. ------------------------------ ...

  • Ran Sidhu is our featured  Instructor of the Month  for February! Ran has been with Genesys over 21 years as an instructor and had previously taught for about 3 years at IT Company called Unisys & Utility Company SSE. Before all that, he was an interior ...

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  • Ran is one of the best instructors I've known. He has deep knowledge of the solution and can keep his classes engaged. Well deserved Ran. :D ------------------------------ Ram Prashanth Muralikrishnan Miele & Cie. KG ------------------------------

  • I emailed in about the same exam and was told this:- The Genesys Certified Associate (GCA) test has been archived on 31 Jan 2022, as previously stated, and the study guide has been removed. The exam has also been deleted from Webassessor, and test-takers ...

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