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  • Hi Rita! Thanks for reaching out - happy to help! If your goal is to achieve the Genesys Cloud CX Certified Professional certification, then you will want to start with these three courses:  Genesys Cloud CX: Contact Center Administration ...

  • Wow, what a fish man!!  Respect ! Congrats Marcão!! :) ------------------------------ Israel Borges Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

  • Hi Andrei, Below are the list of contents of the certification. - Introduction to Genesys Cloud CX - Genesys Cloud CX Collaborate & Communicate - Genesys Cloud CX Contact Center - Genesys Cloud CX API Thanks ------------------------------ Akshay Joglekar ...

  • Hey Those-Who-Love-To-Win! Just a quick reminder that you have until tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 12th to get your answers in for the contests below AND a chance to win an epic prize from our newly refreshed Prize Wall! But you gotta play to win, so ...

  • New Year, New Prizes! If you've been wondering how to kick off the new year with a bang! then head on over to the 2022 Retrospective Trivia Tower event and play!  It's going for one extra day to give you more time to get your answers in. (What's ...

  • Happy 2023, Everyone! In case you missed our holiday card contest , here's another chance to get a prize in your pocket for the New Year!  We want to know the following numbers for 2022: 1. How many new members joined the community. ...

  • Hi @Mitch Hoover . I received the email and replied. Please let me know if you did not receive it. If you did receive it, have a Happy New Year!​ ------------------------------ Nicki Dehn AAA Club Alliance ------------------------------

  • Wow, it has to be awesome being able to actually touch and see these animals this close! All the best to you kompadre! haha ------------------------------ Israel Borges Genesys - Employees ------------------------------

  • It's been a VERY MERRY year indeed for the Genesys community. And it's all because of YOU, the stars who shine bright, each and every day. We've had so much fun watching the community grow this year and that got Matt and I thinking…what if we turn ...

  • Join us for a magical episode of the Q&A Show! The holidays are revving up and parties are about to begin, but our friend (and community mascot) Genius has work that may never end! Can he complete his workday grind and make it to the party in time? Helping ...

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