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Community Rockstar...Is It You?!

  • 1.  Community Rockstar...Is It You?!

    Posted 02-10-2023 11:28
    Edited by Nicole Milliken 02-10-2023 11:30

    I hope everyone is ready for this rhythm and floooooowwwww....

    "You can't catch us slipping" because we have another new Community Rockstar inductee from our January nominations! And "I Gotta Feeling" you're all going to love the new innovation this member created that helps Genesys Cloud and PureConnect users visualize interactions. But first, if you don't know what a Community Rockstar is...let me give you the "Low" down: 

    Each month members like you and the community council nominate Community Rockstars to recognize members that have gone "above and beyond" to make your community experience awesome. Then we give them the VIP treatment with a prize from the Prize Wall and a rockin' poster showcasing them as the headliners they are! Sound fun? It is. Nominate your favorite community members today; there's no limit on how many you can nominate, so show some love!

    But I digress...back to our Rockstar!

    @Takamune ISHIGE was nominted by @Donald Huovinen for "creating a feature which takes Architect flows and converts them into a more graphical looking flow diagram." Don also goes on to say, "This is really cool and we should recognize and reward him for his innovation." 

    Thank you, Takamune for creating such a cool application for Genesys users. You can learn more about it here. Our amazing designer @Natalie Nobles created this poster that really shows the flow and "I don't like it, I love it!" 

    Takamune, I'll be getting in touch with you about claiming your prize! 

    If you know of a Community Rockstar that should be nominated because they give you a "Good Feeling" or make you throw your hands "In the Ayer,"  then start nominating now! We're looking to glorify those standout members for our February reveal. Remember, this is a great way to show others why the Genesys community rocks!

    Look forward to your nominations...


    Nicole Milliken
    Genesys - Employees

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