Community Prize Wall

Prize Wall

Wine and Truffles

Some things really are better together! This Harry & David duo is for anyone who considers themselves a chocoholic or oenophile. Psst...we won't tell if you don't share.

Indoor Aerogarden

Get your gardening on in the comfort of your own home! This Aerogarden doesn't require soil and comes with 3 herb packs (basil, parsley, and dill) to get you started. 

Pick 3!

Do you like to scratch vinyl? Crack the spine of a new book? Or dust off your laserdisc player? Maybe all three? Build your preferred media bundle and we'll give you $100 bucks to spend!

Custom Converse Kicks

Design your own pair of Converse shoes to fit your personality! Pick everything from the fabric colors to the stitching. (Up to $100).

Summer Treasure Box

Was it Sherlock Holmes who said, "Summer is the time for mysteries?" There's no telling what will be in our summer treasure box, but it's bound to be fun!

Choose The Q&A Show Topic

Time to get your producer credit! What topic do you want on the Community’s Q&A Show?