Community Rockstars

And The Nominees Are...

Show some love! Who in the community deserves a standing ovation?

What Makes A Community Rockstar:

A community member that shares their time and knowledge to make your online experience great deserves the spotlight (and perhaps a prize) for their encore performances.


       They are mega-contributors                              They are knowledge sharers                                  They are go-getters 

 Posts threads & answers questions regularly.                                 Posts resource links & gives walkthroughs.                                     Loves to learn & welcomes people. 

Frequently asked questions: 

1. When are prizes given? We aim for monthly winners, but our announcements are based on how and when we receive nominations.

2. Are all communities and members eligible to nominate? Yes!

3. Are Genesys employees eligible to be nominated? Yes! Anyone who goes above and beyond deserves recognition.

Meet some previously inducted Rockstars in the video below: