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Upcoming Quality Management betas!

  • 1.  Upcoming Quality Management betas!

    Posted 07-14-2023 14:43
    Edited by Herrick Mai 07-14-2023 14:45

    Hi everyone,

    The Quality Management team is so excited to announce that we'll have two betas starting shortly!

    Ability to dispute and assign an evaluation: This is a joint beta that offers both the ability to setup and run an end to end dispute process as well as the ability to assign evaluations to other individuals so that they may take action and reach a resolution.

    Beta start date of Jul 19th: Apply for the beta here.

    Quality management policy enhancements: This will empower users that currently use or plan to use policies to automate the creation and assignment of evaluations to have more control over which interactions to create evaluations against
    - Specify queue for "Create evaluations by agent" and have interactions on those queue be selected for the creation of evaluations without having to explicitly supplying the specific users or work teams
    - Set sampling criteria to be a percentage of interactions with a minimum number of evaluations per agent during a selected interval
    - Use Agent connected time as a optional filter when using "Create evaluations by agents"
    Beta start date of Aug 9th: Apply for the beta here.

    They are both open betas and available to customers, partners, and internal orgs alike - so I encourage you to sign up and share your feedback. A few days prior to enabling the feature, we'll add you into our private community so we can all share our thoughts and feedback.

    Looking forward to connecting with you!


    Herrick Mai
    Genesys - Employees

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