Big Bad Bot Bash

Show off your bot, win a prize! 

Calling all inventors, mad scientists, and experimenters! We know you work hard in your Genesys labs creating all kinds of cool processes, bots, and automations. This is your chance to win over the village and take home a prize that will make Igor jealous! Here's how to participate:

Two contests, two ways to win!


How to enter your Genesys bot:

We want to hear all about your prized creation that you and your team have cooked up leveraging Genesys software. Tell us how the project got started and the accomplishments you've made along the way. 

How to enter your home experiment:

What technical upgrades have you made to your castle? Have you engineered the lights and vacuum to work while you're in the lab? Do you have a machine that feeds Igor while you're away? How about an alarm clock that cooks bacon?

What do the winners get?

 The first place winners from the two categories above will win a deluxe item from the Prize Wall.

All participants who submit will get a themed ribbon and badge:

Contest rules:

1. No sharing of personal/contact information with submissions. (Be careful if you record anything). 

 2. One entry per person, per contest. 

3. Deadline now X-tended! Contest submissions due November 5, 2023.