Help Cole Out!

Cole's Never Live Streamed a Company Webinar
What's Your Advice?

Our new Community Coordinator Cole is preparing to stream and live chat during his first company webinar, and he wants your guidance on how to put his best foot forward while viewing Genesys Live @ Xperience19.

Your suggestions could net you a free Certification Exam or some sweet, sweet GCAP points.

Meet Cole


Bio: A very recent Ball State graduate (Chirp Chirp) Cole, our new Community Coordinator, has a lot to learn about life on the outside, like student debt, that pizza isn't the only food group, and (I can't believe it) how to stream a company style.

How You Can Help

Our fearless Community Manager Matt is away at Xperience19 and Cole is a lost ship at sea, directionless, no wind in his sails, drinking from a waterless cup. Where should he watch Genesys Live? What should he wear? Help us community!

There are two ways to give Cole some support and win some coveted prizes:

  • Vote in our polls - Go to the Xperience19 Community and vote in one or both of our polls to help Cole decide where he should watch Genesys Live and how he should dress for the occasion. You MUST sign into the community before voting (that's how we track you voted) to be entered in the drawing for a Chance to win 5000 GCAP Points!

  • Join Cole for the Live Stream - During the broadcast, if you join Cole in the Xperience19 Community for some lively discussion, you'll have the chance to win a free certification exam. Whoever has a question, thought, or idea that most inspires Cole with awe will receive a Free PureEngage or PureCloud Certification Exam.

Great questions to consider asking on the live stream that may or may not win:

  • Is Cole getting any odd looks at the lake?

  • What pint is he sipping on at the bar?

  • Is the pajamas and treadmill combo making for a good workout?

  • Can his girlfriend still look him in the eyes?

Where Should Cole Stream Genesys Live @ Xperience19?

Scenic Lake?


Dicey Billiard Hall?


Friendly Irish Bar?


Pumping Iron at the Gym?


Attire: Dress Up or Down?



Beach Time Chic?


Flea Market Casual?


Suit and Bowtie Spiffy?


Cast your vote(s) in the Xperience19 Community!

During the Genesys Live @ Xperience19 broadcast, join Cole and other community members in the Xperience19 community for a live discussion! Cole will be broadcasting from the winning location in the community's preferred attire and posting in the community.

Contest Overview

  • Anyone can vote, even Cole's mom, but there are only two (2) ways to enter and win:
    • (Free Certification Exam) Create or reply to a discussion post in the Xperience19 Community during the Genesys Live @ Xperience19 broadcast (this requires joining the Xperience19 community). Cole will choose his favorite addition (question or reply) and be jealous that he didn't think of it first!
    • (5k GCAP Points) We have two Polls on the Xperience19 Community, one for attire and one for location. You can vote in one poll or both, but you receive two (2) entries into the drawing if you vote in both polls! An hour before the broadcast, we will draw one winner and Cole will announce that winner during his Live Stream while adhering to the most popular options' style and location and announce the winner.
  • Who's Eligible? Anyone who is a member of the Genesys Online Community.
  • Do I Have to be a Member of GCAP to participate? No. Everyone is encouraged to vote in our poll whether you want to win or not. If you win, you will need to join GCAP for the points to be added to your account.
  • What Prizes or Value-Add Options Can I Redeem GCAP Points for? Options change constantly, members can view available options in the GCAP Member Hub. In the past, value-add options included: Genesys University classes, Professional Services offerings, free tickets to CX19, and gift cards.
  • Have questions about the contest? Ask them in the Genesys Casual Community.

FAQs about GCAP

  • Who can join? Membership into GCAP, the Genesys Customer Advisory Program, is limited to Customer participation only.
  • Are there any membership fees? Membership for GCAP is free.  
  • Can I win GCAP Points even if I am not in GCAP? Yes! Though you must be a GCAP Member to redeem points, your points will be held for you until you join the program, at which time you will be eligible to redeem your points for value add-options.
  • Can points be gifted to another user? No, only you can redeem the points that you earn.  
  • What prizes or value-add options can I redeem GCAP Points for? Options change frequently, members can view available options in the GCAP Member Hub. In the past, value-add options included: Genesys University classes, Professional Services offerings, and gift cards. 

Want to Learn More?

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