Join us for regular AMAs where experts address community questions in real time. 

 is an acronym for "Ask Me Anything!" It's an emerging interview style where the person of interest does not take questions from one person,
but from members of an online forum, instead. The idea being that everyone has their chance to ask questions and the expert or person of interest
replies to those questions during the specified timeframe. 

What can I ask questions about?

- A product, feature, or functionality 
                       - The speaker's talents, interests, or favorite tools 
  - A sticky issue you're trying to solve 
                  - Whatever else you've been wondering about!

How do I ask a question?
No video or audio, simply post your question in the
community for a chance at receiving an expert response.

What if I can't make it to the AMA? No problem! You can post your question ahead of
time using the AMA tag and revisit our expert's responses after the event. 

Still on the fence? Here's why the community loves AMAs.

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Access to Experts

Time Sensitive

New Topics Each Time

Hear from Genesys Gurus who are excited to
share their knowledge and expertise.
No question is too big or small—our experts want to hear them all!
And without the need for audio or video, anyone can easily participate.
Our experts and the topics they discuss change constantly.
Be sure to send us your ideas to make your voice heard.

Schedule of Upcoming AMAs: 

-Genesys Cloud CX Co-Browse: March 2nd, 1-3pm EST

Join us for the event, ask a question, and get entered to win a prize!

-Genesys Cloud CX Analytics Dashboards: March 22nd, 1-3pm EDT.

Have an idea for an AMA? Share it! Email us:


Feel free to ask any questions you have about the AMA process and share any suggestions you may have about how to improve the AMA experience in the Genesys Casual Community.

We'd love to hear from you.