Achievers Lounge

Welcome to the Genesys Community’s Achievers Lounge!

Pour yourself a glass of your favorite drink and browse our fine collection of badges and ribbons. Here you can explore available achievements in the community and learn what it takes to add them to your profile. Think you can collect them all or earn enough achievements to join our future Wall of Champions? Hey, we believe in you!

Wall of Achievers


Great Learner

How it can be earned: Invest in your education through the community. Read posts, like content, mark a reply for "Best Answer". 

Member: Ramsey Miller (Sep 2018)


Great Member

How it can be earned: Be an all-around terrific member! Share some great replies, support your other members by liking their content and marking best answers. Thank you for your participation!

Member: Oudderhem Mostafa (Sep 2018)


Great Helper

How it can be earned: You have gone out of your way to welcome users to the community and unlock vital knowledge in the community. Great work! 

Member: Darryn Chang (Sep 2018)

Available Badges

All-Star Contributor

How it can be earned: Have at least 15 discussion posts marked as the best answer.

Description: Hey now, you may not give the “best” answer all of the time, but who does? You hit the ground running and your record is more than impressive to us!

Honorable Professor

How it can be earned: You have posted more than 10 library entries. (Click here to learn more about The Library)

Description: Your quest for knowledge is paramount. You have a lot to share and your additions to the Genesys Community library are a great resource for others!

Conversation Explorer

How it can be earned: You created more than 50 posts! (New discussion threads and replies apply.)

Description: This is Ground Control to say, “You’ve really made the grade!” You are not one to shy away from a conversation. Take you protein pills, put your helmet on, and keep exploring.

Social Media Maestro

How it can be earned: You have a Photo in your profile (don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be of you) and you have filled out 50 percent your profile’s information.

Description: Your social media skills are strong (can you help my parents, please?). Great job completing your profile and inviting the community to connect with you.

Consummate Networker

How it can be earned: You have made 15 connections in the community.

Description: Wow! Someone’s popular. You’ve gone out of your way to connect with peers on an interpersonal level. Keep bridging new friendships and being such a welcoming member of the community.


Conference Attendee

How it can be earned: You Attended The CX Event of the Year!

Description: You hit the honky tonks in Nashville or the cool rockies of Colorado with Genesys, and this badge is a sarsaparilla sweet reminder of the stories that came out of it. 



How it can be earned: Create Discussions and Reply to Posts.

Description: This ribbon constantly changes to recognize the community's top 25 contributors from the last 30 days!


How it can be earned: Sign up for the community! This ribbon will stay with you your first 60 days.

Description: Take a minute to say hi! This ribbon is given to members who join the community 60 days ago.


How it can be earned: You signed up for GCAP! (Signing up is easy!)

Description: You are a member of the few, the proud, the GCAP.


Description: Genesys’ finest! We are all current employees and eager to help with your questions. Connect with us!


Description: The Genesys Advisor team joined the community to assist Premier Customers as they make the transition to PureCloud.


Description: Genesys’ own Guru team specializes in Workforce Optimization and leading users on the full power of Genesys’ Customer Experience Platform.

Future Expansions

CX Master Bridge Badge

Description: A series of Certification Badges will be coming soon, but don’t wait. Get a jump start on your Accreditation and CX Masters Series now!