Gamification Event

Gamification Event Series
September 21 - 25, 2020

Level up your contact center employee experience 

Engaging employees isn’t always easy, especially when they’re working from home.
Working in a secluded environment with few opportunities to interact and bond with peers can easily lead to burnout and fatigue, which then leads to attrition and low eNPS. Gamification can help boost engagement and foster employee loyalty with tools to keep morale and performance high. 

In this week-long event, we’ll delve into the ins and outs of creating an engaged remote workforce by leveraging employees’ intrinsic motivations through use of game and social media concepts, recognition and personal or group challenges. Discover how managers can utilize AI-powered tools to track individual and team performance in real time and use in-depth analytics to drive business decisions.


Join us to learn how to tap into your employees’ natural motivation and drive higher results, in 5 easy steps: 

  1. Join our on-demand kickoff webinar “Game on: Engage at-home employees" (Register Here)
  2. Watch our instructional videos on how to get the most out of your nGAGEMENT solution on the Genesys WEM Community
  3. Ask you questions and engage experts on the WEM Community forum 
  4. Join our live “office hours” zoom sessions to receive answers from Gamification experts in real time 
  5. Earn GCAP points you can exchange for swag and prizes by participating in the event and using your nGAGEMENT solution. 

Receive updates and join the conversation in the Genesys WEM Community. Ask your questions using the tag #GenesysGamificationEventSeries in your discussion posts. 

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This is the recommended learning path, but you’re free to explore… 

Kickoff Game on: Engage the at-home workforce
Gamification boosts engagement with your at-home employees and fosters employee loyalty. Add new tactics to your management strategy for keeping morale high and interactions happy. See why Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement (WEM) is the leading born in the cloud solution to manage your workforce. Join us as we kick off the gamification enablement series.

Available starting on September 16th, 2020 | 2PM ET
(Watch On-Demand) (Discussion Post) 
Day 1 Schedules & nGAGEMENT Setup
Learn how to set up schedules in Genesys Cloud WEM easily, and how these articulate into your gamification strategy. Discover the ins and outs of nGAGEMENT, how to setup and start engaging your agents with fun, dynamic tools that boost productivity.

Office Hours Session on September 21st, 2020 | 10AM ET
(Join an Office Hours) (Watch Video) (Discussion Post)
Day 2 Powering the Agent Experience
Discover how game mechanics, recognitions and social media concepts to boost employee performance and deliver outstanding employee experiences.

Office Hours Session on September 22nd, 2020 | 10AM ET
(Join an Office Hours) (Watch Video) (Discussion Post)
Day 3 Leaderboards & Challenges
Tap into your employees' instinctive desire to compete and succeed to encourage higher performance and drive better business results through leaderboards and challenges.

Office Hours Session on September 23rd, 2020 | 10AM ET
(Join an Office Hours) (Watch Video) (Discussion Post)
Day 4 KPIs & Sparks
Find out how the nGAGEMENT platform gives companies the flexibility to assign their own goals and metrics, as well as leverage AI capabilities to continually improve and succeed.

Office Hours Session on September 24th, 2020 | 10AM ET
(Join an Office Hours) (Watch Video) (Discussion Post)
Day 5 Quizzes & Contests
Ding ding ding! Get it right by motivating employees to learn and perform well using fun dynamics and engaging activities like quizzes and contests.

Office Hours Session on September 25th, 2020 | 10AM ET
(Join an Office Hours) (Watch Video) (Discussion Post)
Close Realizing the ROI of your Gamification Solution
Discover how Gamification positively influences contact center performance and how that translates to greater business results in our grand closing session.

Office Hours Session on November 20th, 2020 | 10AM ET
(Join the Live Session)

Join our live “Office Hours” zoom sessions, engage with nGAGEMENT experts directly. Maximize your 60-day trial of nGAGEMENT by receiving immediate responses to any questions, learning best practices and hearing tips and tricks from our seasoned gamification specialists. 

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Gain insights from seasoned Genesys WEM professionals and engage WEM experts directly through our WEM Community discussion board. 

  • Merijn te Booij, Genesys’ Employee Engagement Solutions General Manager 
  • Pascal Leclerc, Director of Gamification Solutions 
  • Robert Beasley, Global Director of Strategic Solutions 
  • Jeremy Hardin, Senior Manager, WEM Solution Leads 
  • Jordan Lembo, Account Executive 

Start Earning Your Points Now 

Head over to our GCAP Gamification channel to discover what challenges lie ahead and how to rack up GCAP points that you can exchange for Genesys Beyond courses, Professional Service offerings, cool Genesys swag, and more! 

 Available Challenges: 

  • Sign up for Genesys Community 
  • Comment on the introductory discussion post 
  • Comment on any of our discussion posts for each session 
  • Attend any or all our “Office Hours” Zoom sessions
  • Create 5 quizzes in nGAGEMENT 
  • Score 1 million points in nGAGEMENT 
  • Collect all the Gamification Event badges in nGAGEMENT 

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    In-App Badges

    Earn Achievements by using you nGAGEMENT capabilities 

    You can also earn these cool badges in nGAGEMENT by completing challenges in your nGAGEMENT environment during the event. Watch Gamification in action and turn in your in-app achievements for GCAP points (and more prizes).

    Contact & Learn More

    Have additional questions about Gamification Event Series? Feel free to ask them in the WEM Community using the #GenesysGamificationEventSeries or contact us through email at