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April 2022 Instructor of the month

  • 1.  April 2022 Instructor of the month

    Posted 04-15-2022 15:14
    Edited by Kristi Croker 04-15-2022 15:15

    Joe Cotelo is our featured Instructor of the Month for April!


    Joe joined Genesys in March 2008 with his career in training starting just before the turn of the century (he states that sounds really old 😊). After years as an engineer with call outs, shift work and infamous phrases such as, "it will only take you 5 minutes" or "whilst you're here", Joe thought he would go for a more standard Monday to Friday 9 to 5 job and started training on networking with 3com, Lucent and Cisco.


    Joe started teaching at Genesys with the normal Framework and associated courses now termed as Engage and more recently teaching Genesys Cloud. He covers quite a few courses but with his telecoms and networking experience, he fell into and enjoy VOIP and related courses, SIP, IVR and recording. Joe enjoys teaching all courses, but his only preference is more towards the method than the course itself. As it's no secret, he really enjoys class based but am appreciating the challenges provided by online, virtual classes.


    In Joe's whole working life, he has always enjoyed training in the early days as a student and now as an instructor. He states that it's not just the learning and knowledge but the gaining understanding "the lightbulb moment" and the whole experience of training. Even attending the old telecom 5-day relay adjusting course, which consisted of adjusting the contacts on a 3000-type relay again and again and again. Joe says it was not the same type of contact for 5 days but there was a make contact, break contact, make before break and the hardest of all the changeover contact zzzzzzzzz was an enjoyable experience.


    Joe used to live in Europe but has magically moved out of Europe yet stayed in the same house??? He lives in Croydon south London with his wife Jean and pet Mediterranean tortoise Lola. He says he does not have many hobbies although he really enjoys classic films and books. He used to do a lot of DIY as seen in the pictures of the new Genesys Croydon Office built which he says allowed him to carry out online training without his wife having to creep around the house quietly. Joe also enjoys travel very much for work purposes but does not have a real favorite holiday place other than where his family is from which is Corruna in Galicia Spain.


    Let us know if you've enjoyed classes with Joe or have a memory that stands out!


    Kristi Croker
    Genesys - Employees
    Manager, Global Delivery