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February 2022 Instructor of the month

  • 1.  February 2022 Instructor of the month

    Posted 02-28-2022 16:47

    Ran Sidhu is our featured Instructor of the Month for February!

    Ran has been with Genesys over 21 years as an instructor and had previously taught for about 3 years at IT Company called Unisys & Utility Company SSE. Before all that, he was an interior designer creating laboratories for Schools and Pharmaceutical Companies. The majority of Ran's time is spent teaching in Telecommunication Industry focusing on the Contact Center side of the technology. During this time, he picked up a lot of experience such as developing and delivering classes as well as helping with partners and customers in educations opportunities. Ran's life in this educational world gave him the opportunity to see the world, experiences different cultures and meeting people from all sides of the globe.

    Ran currently teaches Engage Classes; Framework 8.5 Routing & Reporting Foundation, Framework 8.5 Routing & Reporting Operations, Framework 8.5 Routing & Reporting Administration, Outbound Contact 8.1 Foundation, Operating Outbound Contact 8.1, Info Mart 8.5 Report Development, Genesys Interactive Insights 8.5 Technical, Workforce Management 8.5 Operation & Certification Preparation for The Inbound Voice 8.5 Consultant Exam. He loves engaging with his students specially with classes involved in User interfaces such as GAX, PULSE and WFM.

    Ran doesn't really have a favorite class, but the classes he delivers have a kind of process or story. The story ranges from installing, developing Routing to be used in the business operations, monitoring the business by applying Reporting and helping to run the business using Workforce.

    Ran states that "As you get older, the hobbies start to roll in." In his case, he enjoys fixing his garden and loves making BBQ on his own. He is a football fan (not NFL) and supports Liverpool's greatest European Champions. He does love NFL and he watched a live game [San Francisco 49ers] when they came to UK Wembley to play against Washington Redskins. His other hobbies include maintaining "Queenie" his Maine Coon Cat. A little fun fact about Ran is that when he was 18 years old, he won a bodybuilding competition held in his town.

    Ran loves travelling to hot places. He has so many nice spots he visits such has Barbados, Dubai, Bali and Australia. He is a beach guy and loves sleeping and listening to the sea and watching sunset and sunrises. It's all about relaxing for Ran.

    Ran is currently based in the UK just slightly outside London in a small town called Hayes. Before the pandemic, he was based in the Genesys Office in Frimley. His classes are all run out of his little bedroom now. It's just him and his cat. His town is famous for manufacturing vinyl and best known as the erstwhile home of EMI. The words "Hayes, Middlesex" appear on the reverse of The Beatles' albums, which were manufactured at the town's Old Vinyl Factory.

    Let us know if you've enjoyed classes with Ran or have a memory that stands out!


    Kristi Croker
    Genesys - Employees
    Manager, Global Delivery

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